Ship making

Today was all about the Mayflower. We talked about how the Pilgrims had to rely on the wind to push their ship all away across the ocean to America.

We made a couple egg carton ships. I saw the idea on this blog which I think I probably got to from Pinterest.


As I was telling the kids about the sailing and the wind, I figured out that these little boats will actually “sail” if you blow on them just right. The kids had fun blowing them across the table after that.


They also had fun filling them with various pretend people.




Then we also made some Mayflower handprint paintings.



First I did a wash of light blue acrylic on some watercolor paper. After that dried I let the kids do the ocean with their blue and green water colors. Then we used brown acrylic to do the handprints. I glued the sails on after they dried.

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