The best way to spread Christmas cheer…

“These are 30 dollars until Christmas.”

We made a countdown to Christmas paper chain thanks to the genius folks at Trader Joe’s that designed the side panels of their paper bags for this very thing.

We made a craft foam ginger bread house from a kit I got a couple years back, not sure who from.

We made real ginger bread cookies and a gingerbread house using a kit from Trader Joe’s.

“Is that Hansel and Gretel?”
“I don’t know.”
“That old lady has an awfully long and pointy nose.”
“I don’t know, the box just called them fairy people.”
“I think those kids are about to get cooked in the oven.”

My makeshift Advent wreath. I went to Michael’s looking for one and the wreath making employee in the the floral department said, .”No, no, no we don’t have those. NOBODY does that anymore.” So I found some candle holders that I could arrange to look like a wreath with some greenery on them in the Christmas section. They also did not have the right colored candles.


The kids and I made their first ornaments. I found this Advent kids activity page that has activities, scripture, etc for every day of Advent. So awesome!

Bean loves her angel and carries it all over the house. She also places it in “make-out” position with Sprout’s angel and says they’re getting married. This girl! Hahaha! So then Stephen told her that angels don’t get married.

We got our tree and decorated it tonight along with some of our other decorations.





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2 responses to “The best way to spread Christmas cheer…

  1. Auntie Linda

    Your home is lovely – let’s have Christmas at your house…just kidding!

  2. …is singing loud for all to hear!!! 🙂 fun, fun! How silly of Michael’s — my church made Advent wreaths for all the Sunday school families just last year. I wonder where they got them… Jillie is so funny. 🙂

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