The difference photo processing makes

By now all of our Christmas cards should be out. So I just wanted to do a little post sharing our photo and giving kudos to our friend John just like every other year. 🙂

This year I actually took our photo! It happened sort of randomly while I was doing Sparrow’s 4 month shoot. I got the other kids in like I usually do and started clicking away. I put them on our big dark leather couch, got down on their level and tried to get them to all look at me. Bean was doing the crazy-pants faces, but at one point the other two just looked cute and I decided I had a really good shot of them all. So good that I decided not to share it with anyone and not on the blog, except to text it over to John and let him know that if he was too busy this year I had the back up. John said he probably couldn’t beat my shot and then said he would process the photo to make it look all pro.



Amazing, right?

I so want to learn how to do this. But since I can barely keep up with my blog these days, that will have to wait. Until then, glad I have amazingly talented and good friends. Thanks John!

And Merry Christmas to everyone we couldn’t get a card to this year. Hope you understand.

P.S. Hire John to do your family, wedding, etc. photos. He’s really awesome!

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