A house full of HSPs and no sleep

A few months ago I discovered that I am an HSP, Highly Sensitive Person. It explains so many of my weird little quirks, I don’t even know where to begin, like:
-How I can’t stand to sleep in wrinkled sheets or pillowcases, I have to smooth them out when laying down or I’ll never be able to fall asleep.
-A seam in my clothing has to fall just right or I will never be comfortable
-When I have a piece of hair fall out, I can’t just leave it there because I can feel it tickling my arm or wherever it fell onto (this is driving me insane right now with post-partum hair loss)
-I wash my hands about a million times while cooking a meal because I can’t stand the feeling of the different textures of ingredients on my hands.
-I can’t wear heels because while everyone else may be able to just deal with and push through the shin splints, calf strains, sore toes, etc for beauty, I just can’t do it, it overwhelms me and I can’t function or think about anything else
-If Stephen and I have even the most minor of disagreements about something in the morning before he leaves for work and then he goes to work, I will not be able to think about anything else or get very much done until we somewhat resolve it

There are more, many more, but I will spare you.

Stephen and I both are like this in different ways and our parents and some of our siblings are like this too. One theory is that it is genetic.

It also explains some things about our kids.
-How Jilly finds most clothing except dresses uncomfortable
-How any loud noises freak her out
-How Ethan screams bloody murder every single time we have to wipe his face.

I was thinking about this as it relates to our sleep. How can I expect my kids to sleep through the night when I can’t even do the same? Last night I woke up:
-1 time to get a drink
-a handful of times because the position I was sleeping in was no longer comfortable and I had to turn and smooth out my sheets and blankets again and steal the blankets back from Stephen too
-a couple of times because the heater came on and it was loud and it was making it too hot and dry for me
-1 time when Ethan woke up crying and wanted something to drink which Stephen took care of, but I couldn’t sleep until it was all quiet and he was back in bed
-1 time to change and feed Henry
-1 time to use the bathroom

Sleep is hard enough to come by as a parent as it is, but when you throw HSPs into the mix I think you’re in even bigger trouble!


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2 responses to “A house full of HSPs and no sleep

  1. Barbie

    Justin got the Highly Sensitive Child book for Christmas…I took the quiz and immediately knew that Aubrey was an HSC. Sooo looking forward to reading it!

  2. Barbie

    *correction…Justin got ME the book 🙂

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