Instagram Digest: In Real Life

Last Friday I decided to delete my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

“What why?!” my youngest sister said.

I’ve had an ongoing love-hate relationship with social media. This isn’t the first time I’ve gone cold turkey on Facebook. I love that it makes it easy to keep in touch and keep people updated on your life.

But for me, it just becomes too all consuming. A personal public relations machine that requires constant attention. When you start going through your day thinking about it in terms of status updates, you know you have a problem.

I know some people set a timer, delete the app from their phone, etc. and maybe those things would work, but knowing me I would still be thinking about it a lot, my introvert brain needing to process every little thing, thinking about the comment I just needed to leave on that photo or status update, thinking about the thing that someone said, maybe not even actually to me, that hurt or made me angry, thinking about the news article someone posted that fouled principles of journalism ethics or was overly politically charged or gave me another reason to be scared or disenchanted with our country, life, the political system, food, the church, etc.

Really, I have better things to do with my life, don’t you think?

I do.

It’s been a great week. I’ve been able to focus in more on our family without getting distracted by all the chatter. I’ve blogged! I’ve played with our kids! We’ve had two play dates with friends! I’ve called friends, sent text messages and told people directly things I am thinking instead of sharing with the masses or making vague or passive aggressive statements.

Well, anyway, that was a really long intro to say that one of the social media outlets I’ve decided to keep going is my Instagram because I love taking pictures of things with my phone all day long. Unfortunately, it’s pretty much an iPhone only thing so I’ve decided to share a weekly digest of my photos on here for those of you wanting to keep tabs on our lives.

So here goes week one:

Stephen took a gamble on the trash truck not coming last Friday due to the holiday. So guess who hefted the dead tree out to the curb all by herself?

Where there are dead pine trees, there are pine needles. Sprout helped me clean them up though.

Winter harvest.

Happy boy.

Baby doll Ergo!

Basil garlic linguine with shrimp, spinach, caramelized onions and Meyer lemon infused olive oil.

Uncle Eric sharing his guitar.

Bean’s turn.

Panettone and Cars2 make for one very still Sprout.

Technology is crazy! We hooked up the WiFi adapter to our Blu-Ray player, connected it to my Amazon account, “rented” The Help from Amazon Instant Video, I got a receipt in my e-mail and we were watching it two minutes later.

Taking pictures of her babies.

That explains everything. Sparrow is on the verge of getting FOUR new teeth.

I am apparently the only Southern California dweller not loving this January “heat” wave.

So happy to have this back in my fridge!


Long day.

Homemade carnitas burrito bowl with cilantro lime rice and pomegranate guacamole.

Seam ripping the old crib skirt so I can canibalize parts of it and make a boy one.

She would rather sulk than clean her room.

January Photo A Day Challenge: Something I wore

The fact that it is necessary to drink my coffee iced on this January morning does not make me happy. Winter please show yourself!

Nothing brings to light how truly disgusting our tap water is like cleaning out our humidifier.

January Photo A Day Challenge: Makes you smile – Ring Around the Rosie

Check back next week for more photos. 🙂



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5 responses to “Instagram Digest: In Real Life

  1. Melody

    Lisa glad I’m subscribed to you blog.
    I looked for you on fb to ask for paulas number. Anywho I look forward to keeping up with your cute kids, craftiness, and yummy food on here. Mel 🙂

  2. Barbie

    So funny, I JUST got back on facebook after canceling (since deleting is really complicated) my account since September. The first thing I did was unsuscribe from like 100 people. LOL. I like feeling connected with certain out-of-towners again, but at the same time being back on facebook gave me anxiety. I have basically the same issues as you (minus the journalism stuff). But, yes, yes, you have way better stuff to do with your time! I am trying to limit myself to Tuesdays, Fridays and responding to messages. Seems healthy…let’s see how it goes.

    In other news…love the instagram update. I really need to bite the bullet and get an iphone so I can have cool apps. My hp-ocs based phone is pretty much obsolete.

  3. Lisa Wuertz

    That is funny! You were kind of my inspiration. 🙂

  4. Just don’t delete your blog!! 🙂

  5. Auntie Linda

    Agree with Amanda’s comment! and loving all the pics. And Sparrow’s first solid food = sweet potato fries!

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