Sparrow month 6

Sparrow is at my most favorite age right now. I love six to eight month olds. They are the best. Smiley, curious, still pretty good nappers, giggly, easily entertained, chatty, those kicky happy feet, when they discover their hands or feet and can’t stop looking at them for a couple days, solid food and less nursing, still a little snuggly, etc.

Sparrow loves his siblings and watching them do things. His favorite is when they bring one of their toys or toy sets and start playing right in front of where he is. He loves toys with rings that he can grab onto.

He has four teeth. Vampire fangs on top and two in the middle on the bottom. His top middles are close to coming in. Everything is in his mouth all the time.

Sprout is really warming up to his baby brother. He even has this special high pitched squeaky voice that he reserves just for talking to Sparrow. It’s pretty funny. Bean is still very much in love with babies and “her” little baby Sparrow.

I busted out the sailor outfit this month. I couldn’t find the hat though.

And here are all my guys…


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