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Sparrow is 7 months

This little guy hit the 7 month mark a few days ago.







With his army-ish inch worm crawl, he is officially all over the place and no longer in my favorite baby stage. He still can’t sit up that great on his own though. He can kind of feed himself soft foods and teething biscuits. Sleep has been rough lately with these developmental milestones, teething (he already has six) and being sick. He’s finally starting to be a little bit giggly, but no where near what his older brother is/was. He really likes his sibling’s toys that they leave around and is starting to be over the five or six baby ones I have bought for him. Sometimes Sprout teases him with a toy, but Sparrow lets it be known that he is not cool with this game with a loud scream and sometimes full on crying meltdown. He loves sitting on my lap, but he is extremely grabby and I’ve wound up with a bowl of Chipotle all over me and many other similar incidents because of this. He’s starting to seem a little less like a baby to me, but yet still very much a baby at the same time.

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In the garden


My little garden has become sad and neglected the last few months. It seems slightly silly to maintain it, not knowing how much longer it is to be ours and when it isn’t even really ours to begin with.

But out to the garden we went anyway. The kids needed the out of doors and the dandelions were almost as tall as me.

I found beauty still existed and even a few welcome plants that had seeded themselves (cilantro, Marigolds).




Gardening with little ones is equal parts joy and frustration. Joy in watching them have fun, explore and learn. Frustration when they rip out plants they shouldn’t, dig holes where they shouldn’t, fight with each other over gardening tools, blow dandelion seeds over the freshly cleared beds, pour dirt and rocks all over the cement patio and steps, whack you with a stick they insist on carrying around to do everything with, etc. (I may have gotten a little carried away with the frustration listing).

Funny vignettes from our couple hours in the garden:

Me: Can you get Sparrow a toy to play with?
Bean: I think Sparrow wants some dirt too.
Me: I think not.
Bean: I think he does. Sparrow would like dirt.
Me: I said no.
Bean: Here is some dirt, Sparrow.

“Holy holy bugs are nice. They like to crawl on people and they don’t bite.”

They can both say “Rolly-poley” just fine, but for some reason they call them “holy holy bugs”. Cracked me up.

Sprout: “Hi bug! Come here bug!”
Bean (shouts): “No! You can’t hug the bugs!”
Sprout (in tears, he has a flair for the dramatic): “Whaaah! Sister says no hug bugs! Whaaah!!”
Me: “Well, she could have said it much more nicely to you, but she’s right. That is a honey bee and it will try to sting you if you try to hug it. I’m sorry little guy.”

Bean: “Can I help you water?”
Me: “No. You’ve already made enough of a mess today and you always just try to make mud when I let you water.”
Bean: “But I just want some water!”
Me: “I said no.”
Bean: “I don’t want it to make mud.”
Me: “Yes you do. I know you.”
Bean: “Ok, well I really need some water because my hands are a little bit dirty.”
Me: “If your hands are dirty, go wash them at the sink.”
Bean: “I think you should give me some water so I can make a puddle for our holy holy bugs.”
Me: “See, I knew it. You want to make a muddy mess.”
Bean: “Well, I just need some water!”
Me: “Today the water is for watering the plants only.”

“Don’t step in my puddle.”
“Wait how did you get water? I thought I said no.”
“No! Sprout don’t stand in my puddle.”
“Wait? Your puddle? Bean! Did you pee on the ground right there?”
“It’s only a little bit. It’s outside. It’s not that big of a deal.”
“Bean! Gross! You know to use the potty! You are supposed to go inside and go.”
“It’s OK. It’s just a little bit outside.”
“No. It’s not OK to just pee wherever you want!”
“Because pee belongs in the potty.”
“But why does it belong in the potty?”

(Never thought I’d have to have a conversation like this with my daughter. Boys, yes, but not my little girl!)


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Twenty (seven) pieces update

Just thought I’d write a little update about my Twenty (seven) Pieces adventure. Since writing my last post I replaced my Joe’s (but I may still try an alteration a friend sent me on them) with some straight leg jeans from American Eagle (they redesigned them with a higher waistline in the back) and altered one of my dresses to be more of a longer shirt/dress/blouse so that I can continue wearing it even while breastfeeding.

I used an iPhone app called Style Book to give you a better glimpse into my closet and to document for myself that I do actually own clothes (something I tend to forget when they are in the laundry). Here goes:




And here are some of my favorite/typical looks:









Overall, I’m pretty pleased with what I have worked my way down to. These are the clothes I pretty much only wore as it was. The other stuff was just taking up space in my closet and rarely got pulled out.

We’ve also been taking the 20 pieces concept beyond our clothes. I recently cleaned out my kitchen and got rid of a bunch of tools, pans, etc that like the clothes in my former closet, were just sitting there cluttering up my cabinets and falling out on me when I went to grab stuff I actually used on a regular basis.

A bunch of kitchen stuff out of my cupboards and bagged up for friends and my sister.

My much more organized and simplified shelves. Everything easy to get to. Before the purge this was jumbled top to bottom with kitchen items and no order to it. I pulled one thing out and several other things went sliding and falling out on me. It was a mess.

Having less stuff is so much nicer than I ever thought it would be. Having a few favorite, well-made pieces is so much more preferable to mounds of things I never or hardly ever use. It has also been nice to bless others with our extras. My sister just got back from a year long stint in South Korea and she needed kitchen stuff. A couple friends are having babies and they were happy to have the clothes my kids had outgrown or rarely wore.

In my case, the old adage, “‘Tis better to give than receive,” certainly holds true.

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A ballet costume for Bean’s doll

Last June I took Bean to see her cousins dance in their dress rehearsal performance. For weeks afterwards (actually it still occasionally happens), Bean and Sprout would pretend that her dark closet was the dark theater complete with an old adult Halloween costume that served as the curtains. The two of them would “dance in the theater” and clap for the performances. I managed to convince Stephen to sign her up for her first dance class soon after. This year Bean will get to dance in her first ballet performance along with her cousins and some friends of ours that are at the same studio. She is soooooooo excited and so am I.

They recently posted the costume photos for each class. Around this time, Bean was on a big “doll and me” kick that started just before Christmas. The doll has to do everything she does. It’s kind of cute, but has also led to some frustrations when “Lanie” isn’t ready to go when we are and there isn’t enough time to get her ready. Lanie even has her own ballet gear and has been to ballet class with us (thanks Aunt Ruth).

So, at some point I decided that I was either going to find someone on Etsy to make a copy of Bean’s costume or I was going to do it myself. I asked a few sellers that did American Girl clothes, but none said they were able to do it. So I did it myself. My original plan was to make the outfit in secret and then give it to her right before the recital, but Bean has been tagging along over my shoulder every step of the way. I may still put it away tonight after she goes to bed. Not sure.

Anyway, I finished it. So super excited about it and so is Bean.

After a couple failed attempts at using the official American Girl leotard as a template for Lanie’s costume, I wound up just pinning fabric directly onto her soft body. It freaked Bean out a little bit. She was afraid I was hurting her.



I completed the leotard first and then added the tutu.


Then I attached the pleated ribbon and rhinestones to the edge.


Finally I added some embroidery to the bodice.




Bean’s doll and the photo of the costume she’ll be wearing in the show. I originally planned to do the straps too, but I ran out of ribbon and I figured it would be easier for her to get on and off of her doll without them.

So happy and excited!

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