In the garden


My little garden has become sad and neglected the last few months. It seems slightly silly to maintain it, not knowing how much longer it is to be ours and when it isn’t even really ours to begin with.

But out to the garden we went anyway. The kids needed the out of doors and the dandelions were almost as tall as me.

I found beauty still existed and even a few welcome plants that had seeded themselves (cilantro, Marigolds).




Gardening with little ones is equal parts joy and frustration. Joy in watching them have fun, explore and learn. Frustration when they rip out plants they shouldn’t, dig holes where they shouldn’t, fight with each other over gardening tools, blow dandelion seeds over the freshly cleared beds, pour dirt and rocks all over the cement patio and steps, whack you with a stick they insist on carrying around to do everything with, etc. (I may have gotten a little carried away with the frustration listing).

Funny vignettes from our couple hours in the garden:

Me: Can you get Sparrow a toy to play with?
Bean: I think Sparrow wants some dirt too.
Me: I think not.
Bean: I think he does. Sparrow would like dirt.
Me: I said no.
Bean: Here is some dirt, Sparrow.

“Holy holy bugs are nice. They like to crawl on people and they don’t bite.”

They can both say “Rolly-poley” just fine, but for some reason they call them “holy holy bugs”. Cracked me up.

Sprout: “Hi bug! Come here bug!”
Bean (shouts): “No! You can’t hug the bugs!”
Sprout (in tears, he has a flair for the dramatic): “Whaaah! Sister says no hug bugs! Whaaah!!”
Me: “Well, she could have said it much more nicely to you, but she’s right. That is a honey bee and it will try to sting you if you try to hug it. I’m sorry little guy.”

Bean: “Can I help you water?”
Me: “No. You’ve already made enough of a mess today and you always just try to make mud when I let you water.”
Bean: “But I just want some water!”
Me: “I said no.”
Bean: “I don’t want it to make mud.”
Me: “Yes you do. I know you.”
Bean: “Ok, well I really need some water because my hands are a little bit dirty.”
Me: “If your hands are dirty, go wash them at the sink.”
Bean: “I think you should give me some water so I can make a puddle for our holy holy bugs.”
Me: “See, I knew it. You want to make a muddy mess.”
Bean: “Well, I just need some water!”
Me: “Today the water is for watering the plants only.”

“Don’t step in my puddle.”
“Wait how did you get water? I thought I said no.”
“No! Sprout don’t stand in my puddle.”
“Wait? Your puddle? Bean! Did you pee on the ground right there?”
“It’s only a little bit. It’s outside. It’s not that big of a deal.”
“Bean! Gross! You know to use the potty! You are supposed to go inside and go.”
“It’s OK. It’s just a little bit outside.”
“No. It’s not OK to just pee wherever you want!”
“Because pee belongs in the potty.”
“But why does it belong in the potty?”

(Never thought I’d have to have a conversation like this with my daughter. Boys, yes, but not my little girl!)



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3 responses to “In the garden

  1. That girl cracks me up!!!! 🙂

  2. Katie Chase

    Now you need to get someone to put some animations to this dialogue and you’ll have one best seller if you ask me!

  3. Barbie

    So funny! Kids sure have a mind of their own!

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