Sparrow is 7 months

This little guy hit the 7 month mark a few days ago.







With his army-ish inch worm crawl, he is officially all over the place and no longer in my favorite baby stage. He still can’t sit up that great on his own though. He can kind of feed himself soft foods and teething biscuits. Sleep has been rough lately with these developmental milestones, teething (he already has six) and being sick. He’s finally starting to be a little bit giggly, but no where near what his older brother is/was. He really likes his sibling’s toys that they leave around and is starting to be over the five or six baby ones I have bought for him. Sometimes Sprout teases him with a toy, but Sparrow lets it be known that he is not cool with this game with a loud scream and sometimes full on crying meltdown. He loves sitting on my lap, but he is extremely grabby and I’ve wound up with a bowl of Chipotle all over me and many other similar incidents because of this. He’s starting to seem a little less like a baby to me, but yet still very much a baby at the same time.

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