Getting crafts done

The last few days were probably some of the most productive craft days I have had in quite awhile.

A few weeks prior I had hunkered down and knit up this little baby cardi for my good friend Cara’s baby girl.



After buying a super cheap Rapunzel dress for Bean that I spend some time altering…


…only for it to pretty much fall apart over the next few weeks, I decided all future dress up clothes would be made by me with real fabric.

During the President’s Day weekend sale, I scored four Simplicity sewing patterns for $1 each. It saved me like $60.


Last weekend I got some coupons in the mail from JoAnns and got some really nice sparkly ice blue fabric from the “special occasion” section for only around $15 to create the first of these dresses. So, fabric plus pattern wound up being less expensive than the Target Rapunzel dress that fell apart.

The kids played outside while I cut out pieces one day.


The next day I got the bodice done while they dug up my garden.



Yesterday, I sewed up the rest.


And since I had my machine out already, I went ahead and took care of a couple other things that I’ve been meaning to do. I added some more leaves to the Tinkerbell costume for some length and I gave it a snaps opening in the back to make it easier to get on without stretching it out.



Then I added an elastic chin strap to the Peter Pan hat so it stays on better.


If you can handle any more cuteness from my kids without your head exploding, they wore their Tinkerbell and Peter Pan costumes to Disneyland last week.






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