Sparrow months 8 and 9

I missed out on the 8 month update because, well, life got crazy.

The day Sparrow turned 8 months old we were in Arizona for Stephen’s cousin’s wedding and then we went to Bakersfield immediately from there for Stephen to accept his job offer and start looking for a place to live.

But we’ve made it through the other side of crazy.

He finally started sitting up on his own around the 8 month mark and I felt like his little personality started to shine through as well. Up until this point he was just this little baby. He had baby mannerisms and just seemed so infantile. During month 8 he started doing this fake cry thing when a toy would be taken from him by a sibling where he’d be on his tummy and throw his head back and let out this half hearted fuss. He also started to laugh at a lot more stuff. He was really zooming with the army crawl too.








This last month Sparrow has made a few more milestones. He’s perfected sitting up and is no longer super wobbly. He can sign all done now. The last few days he has started to do real crawling, but still favors the army crawl for quick getaways. There have been a few times when he’s used an object like a box or my legs to pull himself up into a knee stand. He’s also decided in the last week or so that he is going to reject all puréed food and only feed himself. I’ve been having to get pretty creative there because there is still quite a bit he can’t handle yet and there have been a few coughing and near choking incidents. Sometimes he comes close to what sounds like Papa, Mama and Bubba. He’s definitely chattering away with all kinds of vocal sounds lately too. Fingers crossed his blue eyes are sticking. The other two kids had their eyes change around 8-9 months, but his are still deep blue-grey. The blue eyes come from my dad and sisters.





The drool is out in full force right now and I am really hoping that means this last little tooth will finally be coming in. It has been brutal waiting for it to make an appearance.



He’s also a bit of a mauler! I feel like I’m always getting bitten or slapped or pinched. And I had to get new glasses frames this month because the kid keeps ripping them off my face really fast and throwing them.

Attack of the killer baby!

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