An addendum to the best iced coffee

If you’re anything like me, the thought of drinking hot coffee when the forecast is anything above 85, sounds miserable. My head feels hot and sweaty just thinking about it.

So last summer, when just about everyone I know jumped on Pioneer Woman’s cold brew iced coffee bandwagon, I did too. It seriously is the best iced coffee ever. Ever.

This past winter when hot coffee returned to my life, I discovered caramel sauce in coffee and once again my coffee world got rocked by goodness. Once you start, you won’t go back.

Except for one problem, caramel plus cold doesn’t exactly go together. You wind up with a big lump of caramel in your coffee and it refuses to dissolve.

Hence this addendum.

Follow the instructions by clicking through the link above to the perfect iced coffee.

Then take a jar of this…

…and put it in a small saucepan like this. Fill the saucepan the rest of the way with some of your cold brew.

Turn the heat up to medium.

Start whisking it together until the caramel sauce is all dissolved and smooth in the coffee. Turn the heat off.

Return your mixture to the pitcher with the rest of your coffee.

Put ice in your drinking cup, pour the mixture in and add half and half or milk to taste.

Return the pitcher with the remaining coffee to the fridge for further coffee drinking later in the day or tomorrow. Stephen, who only very recently became a coffee drinker, said, “How’d you do that? You made it taste just like a [copyrighted major coffee chain’s blended coffee drink]!” I don’t think it is quite that sweet, but it is definitely good.


Some specifics…
-When I make the coffee, I grind up 4 cups of Trader Joe’s Smooth and Mellow Blend whole beans (as in there are 4 cups of beans prior to grinding) and place it in my largest bowl with cold water within 1/2″ of the top. I let it sit on my counter over night.
-I strain it into a 1 gallon pitcher and it usually comes within 2″ of the top of that, so not quite a gallon.
-The saucepan I use is a 1.5 qt and after filling it with the caramel, I fill it the rest if the way with coffee, within an inch of the top.

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One response to “An addendum to the best iced coffee

  1. bandofbrothers

    mmmmm. that DOES look good. it’s all about the straw and cup too, haha.

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