My head just might explode


Being an introvert is pretty much not allowed when you are a parent. And yet I am one. One that is always needed.

Kids don’t understand all of those “caring for your introvert” rules.

You know who especially doesn’t understand the “caring for your introvert” rules? Sparrow. This kid is a total “Mama’s boy” and could care less if I need my space. I walk out of a room, he’s upset. I do something like cooking where I am not paying 100% attention to him and he is so not cool with that idea one little bit.

If I have been gone for a bit and come back, there is screaming and crawling towards me.


This? This was a 40 minute fit because I should dare to hold his very sleepy older brother. Jealous much? Yes, indeed.

I love my kids. Really I do. I just need my space sometimes.

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