A little bit of science exploration

This morning the kids dug out the magnifying glasses we bought them two Easters ago. I cleaned up the lenses and showed them how to use them. So we had an impromptu bug observation trek out in front of our apartment (in our jammies).

Checking out a snail…




A Ten-lined June Beatle.


Being silly with the magnifying glass.


There was a Daddy-Long Leg and a Crane Fly (aka Skeeter Eater, which is actually an inappropriate name since they don’t prey on Mosquitos afterall) in that bush.


We also spotted another baby toad, but it got away too fast.

My kids are really obsessed with bugs right now. I should probably pick up some books on the subject, Google some art projects and maybe buy a butterfly kit or an ant farm from the Bugseum, shouldn’t I?

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