Recipe for a perfect Father’s Day

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Head to Pismo for the Father’s Day car show. Watch some of the boys geek out on engines revving, die cast and wooden toy cars, and shiny restorations. Eat clam chowder (of course).

Drive onto the beach. Let kids play and relax.



Let the baby eat seaweed.


And practice standing using the back bumper of the minivan.


Build a sand castle. Scavenge shells, feathers and seaweed to decorate it. Knock it down and play with the feathers instead.


Make this little boy have exclamations of, “Wow!” when his daddy uses the lifted Tahoe to dig a fire pit with the wheels.


Play some beach baseball. Even Grandpa.



Pack up. Eat some excellent barbecue. Change kids into jammies even though they promise they will stay awake so they can see the toads on the front porch at home. You know better.

The glowing yellow snake will lead you home.


But watch out for deer trying to kill themselves crossing the highway. And don’t get too annoyed with the aggressive drivers that tailgate and then chicken out when they have an opportunity to pass.

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