A bag, a shirt and a fort

A Bag

Over the course of the year, Bean’s little ballet backpack has been getting filled with more and more stuff and at times it can’t hold everything she needs. She loved the thing though, especially the pretty ballet princess on the front. So I decided to alter it to be a duffle instead of a backpack using most of the pieces.


I cut it apart, along with an old Dwell Studio minky baby blanket that we both couldn’t part with and then reformed it into a duffle.


I saved the bird section for another project that I knew I’d come up with.


The result was the perfect sized bag for her to fit everything she was going to need for the recital with room to grow. I also fixed a few problem areas where the doll was coming apart from the bag. Everything was able to be recycled from the straps to the zipper.





A Shirt

I’d had the pattern pieces for this Simplicity pattern shirt cut for what seemed like weeks without finding the time to sew them up. I finally got it done last week.


A Fort

It started with Bean trying to make a fort using toy buckets, the exersaucer and couch blankets.


Then I decided to improve upon it by grabbing some PVC pipes and plumbing joints at the hardware store.


The baby with a penchant for destruction kept knocking it down. So it moved to their bed.


The sheet kept falling off. So we tried a fitted sheet. It still wasn’t perfect. And then the largest patchwork creation of mine to date was born. Scrap fabric, old baby clothes, the aforementioned baby blanket, an old t-shirt, a dress I had altered into a skirt, and bits and pieces all were cut into large squares and laid out.


I spent the afternoon sewing when I should have been packing for the recital weekend.

When we got back it was all I wanted to work on.

Sprout had a sewing lesson. He was so very interested in the workings of the machine. I think I have a future engineer on my hands.



Basically, I made a sheet of patchwork long enough to cover the entire length of the frame with enough to fold over at the ends and sew in place to make little pockets at each corner for the legs to stick into.

And then finally, this morning I finished it!











It is basically perfection and we all love it. I want to go read books in there right now!



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3 responses to “A bag, a shirt and a fort

  1. sister 3

    You are amazing incase anyone hasn’t told you yet!!

  2. So I came across your blog after a quick google search of ‘hyperthyroid homebirth’ and I’m in love! My husband and I are going to TTC in a month or two and I’m hyperthyroid (so didn’t then yours which was from pregnancy right?) and I’m so happy to see that you were able to have a homebirth still! Anyways, I’ve been jumping around your blog reading some old posts and came across this one which is so cute! I’m a seamstress and can’t wait to do simple yet awesome things like this for my kids! And the princess/prince costumes? Amazing!

  3. Lisa Wuertz

    Thanks for the sweet comments about my sewing projects!

    My hyperthyroidism was pregnancy related. I’ve actually been mulling over a post on the subject lately because I’ve figured out a few things about female hormone cycles and thyroid in the last few days.

    Anyway, I did have three home births and during all three pregnancies I had at least slight hyperthyroidism levels for part or all of the pregnancies. My midwives allowed me to still have home births because my thyroid levels were under control at birth and it was not a life-long disease for me.

    Technically, though, hyperthyroidism is usually an indication for a more high risk pregnancy and not one that is eligible to home birth due to the increased risk of post-partum hemorrhage. Good luck in your journey!

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