Bean’s ballet recital

I managed to keep Bean in ballet through the end of the year in Camarillo, despite our move. I know it seems a little crazy and there were definitely times I really doubted that it was a good idea, but for the most part it was nice to get away to the beach once a week or something else fun in Ventura County.

This last weekend was the studio’s big recital weekend. Bean really had so much fun and seeing her up on stage and all of her excitement about dance made everything worth it. I have almost zero pictures from the weekend because I forgot my camera for the rehearsal, I stayed in our hotel with the boys the night of her performance (all three of us fighting a cold that weekend), and Stephen doesn’t really take pictures ever. Plus, we were running late getting her there in time.

I did take a few in front of our apartment a couple weeks ago.







Waiting in the theater the morning of the rehearsal.

Not so great iPhone snap of her class on stage at the rehearsal. Bean is on the right on the end.

With her cousins after the show. Thanks Aunt Ruth for getting a picture.

That weekend we had a little fun with the family. Friday night we hung out after all of our girls had rehearsals, the cousins pretty much all day that day. That didn’t keep the crazy at bay for one…


Sprout was doing his toddler gentle bouncing and then his cousin came along and he couldn’t get out of there fast enough. 😉

Sparrow, on the other hand was conked out at the park and then on Grandma trying to fight his nasty cold.



Grandma was conked out too because in spite of not sleeping the night before just like me, she came down early with me to help with the kids since Sparrow was up every single hour of the night.

The day before we were headed down there Bean says, “Maybe tomorrow when we go to Thousand Oaks and we finish all our dinner Uncle Eric can bake us some cookies.” Of course Uncle Eric, the dessert king, was more than willing to comply.


Bean also became enamored with her cousin’s sweet Hello Kitty mini Fender. Apparently they’ve stopped making them though, so there goes that birthday wish idea.


I entertained sickie boy with stickers in the hotel room. This little cheap notebook and a pad of stickers can make him happy for hours.


The next day we made use of our zoo passes.


Sunday night Bean and I went and saw her cousins perform on their recital night. Bean is still trying out some of the moves she saw the big girls doing.

Monday we were back at it in her new class here in town. Here she is doing a somewhat successful arabesque for the first time. Any balancing on one foot has been pretty difficult for Bean this whole year, so this is huge progress for her.


Also, there are boys in her class. It is awesome. The first week one of them had two black eyes and a skinned knee!



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One response to “Bean’s ballet recital

  1. Auntie Linda

    Wonderful!! I love Bean’s blue dress and hair accessory – she looks so excited and happy to be at the recital (and see her cousins)!

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