Sparrow Month 11

Before I know it, a little somebody is going to be a whole year old and I will have completely missed the mark on the 11 month post. Better late than never, they say. This goes for the pictures too.


On the fourth of July, we gave the kids a bath before heading over to my dad’s and I dressed the kids in somewhat coordinating patriotic attire. So it was a good chance to catch those 11 month photos.



Bean was not at all cooperative and feeling crazy and cranky. But the boys were perfect little stars for me.


Sparrow has turned out in some ways to be quite the handful. Most of the time he is pretty easy going and laid back about a lot of things (my best eater yet!), but he does seem to have a temper about certain things. If you tell him “no” or one of the other kids takes a toy from him, be prepared for a fit of epic proportions. He fights sleep like nobody’s business and is quite persistent and stubborn when he has a goal in mind.



All of Sparrow’s recent shenanigans constantly have Stephen joking that he regrets naming him “ruler of the home” which is what his name apparently means. I think Stephen’s memory is clouded and he just doesn’t remember how difficult Sprout the colicky, reflux baby was and how the kid STILL hardly sleeps.

Sparrow has a newly minted scrunched up nose “stinker” face complete with snorting when he is being a trouble maker or when doing a half-hearted protest about something. These pictures do it no justice, but I caught some funny faces just the same.




He is really into destroying towers and things his siblings build, much to their dismay. He throws things, hard, with both hands. The other night he did a good throw with his left arm and Stephen was agleam with future lefty baseball prospects. He’s also started hitting and biting and he thinks it is hilarious and any attempts at correcting the behavior are also often met with rolling laughter. His brother is the same. A couple of jokesters I have on my hands.




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3 responses to “Sparrow Month 11

  1. Auntie Linda

    Awww…thanks for the pics and prose! With your little sis’ departure last night, it’s great to see your children’s happy faces – and Sparrow’s trying-to-be-mad looks are so funny!

  2. sister 3

    I think his blog name should be changed to squisher!

  3. Lisa Wuertz

    I know, right?

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