The Rapunzel Dress

The thing about sewing these dresses is that in some ways it is more for me than it is for her. I really love to craft and create and have an outlet for it. So when I get an idea in my brain about how to do something, it is all I can think about and is almost a little bit of consuming mania until it is done. Sewing is my current outlet because it is fast and gives immediate results.

Not too long ago, I bought an official Disney Rapunzel dress at Target for Bean. I remember I was kind of excited because I got it on sale. Well, like they say, “You get what you pay for.”


Within just a few washings the “fabric” (side note: what are these dresses even made out of?!) was starting to disintegrate, rips and tears appeared in the overlay and all the glitter was gone. I have heard this about the dresses from my fellow moms, so I know I didn’t just get a bad one of the bunch.

More recently Bean had taken to wearing it backwards because she was so dissatisfied with the front.



I know I am not the only one that has a little girl that lives in these dresses.


I am sure Disney knows this too and yet they probably have no plans to make them of better quality. They are only too happy to have us moms buying new ones and trashing the old ones.



I like Disney as much as the next person and Tangled is a huge family favorite around here, but buying new princess dresses all the time is really not OK with me.

I had originally purchased the official Disney Tangled Simplicity pattern, but after converting the Cinderella/Snow White Pattern to Aurora and getting so comfortable with it, I just decided to use it again for Bean’s replacement Rapunzel dress.

Prior to getting to work I read through and looked at the images from this ridiculously detailed and slightly over-the-top costume analysis for ideas. I also referenced it on my iPhone when Bean and I went to pick out fabric together (the two purple fabrics we used came from our sweet local quilt shop, Strawberry Patches).

I decided to recycle the sleeves from her old dress because they were still in decent condition and I didn’t really want to top stitch a bunch of ribbon pieces.


For the skirt, I laid the front pattern piece down on my center panel fabric and then folded it back to the triangular shape, pinned and cut it. Then I used the same pattern piece and cut it out of the main skirt fabric. My original plan was to appliqué the center triangle piece onto the front center. Instead, I cut the front skirt piece in half and sewed it to either side of the triangular center pieces.



For the bodice, I used leftover light pink fabric from the Aurora costume to cut the normal four front bodice pieces, but I also cut two from the purple contrast fabric. I made up the darts in each of the pieces just like the pattern directs and then I laid the purple pieces over two of the corresponding pink pieces and folded them under at the center and then stitched them down. I over locked around the entire piece and then continued on with the assembly as directed in the pattern. I added lace at the neckline in the neckline seam. For the corset cording, I ran a zig zag stitch at each “corner” over the cord to secure it.


The rest of the dress assembly was pretty straightforward and like the pattern suggested. I also added lace at the hemline.


And as for our entitlement problem? She had to pick up all the toys (several boxes were just dumped all over) in the living room before she could have the dress. I’ve never seen her work so fast!


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  1. Auntie Linda

    The dress is beautiful – and she looks so happy in it! Are your kids lucky or what??

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