On Sprout my little heart melter.

Oh my little Sprout. Let me tell you about this boy.

Loves nature and being outdoors. A fierce defender against creepy crawlies that find their way into our house or near us, “Der’s a bug! I’m gunna get it!”


Fiercely stubborn and slightly scared about certain things, which is why potty training was derailed and then took so long to finally be done. We had to push through some issues and it was a major fight, but it is finally over and he totally gets it now, possibly better than his sister (the last few nights he’s even had dry PullUps!). One night after we’d finally had some success, he snuggled in, looked up at me and said in the most heart melty voice and smiliest face possible, “Mama, you were so proud of me today.”

He loves to help me in the kitchen and around the house. He hates cleaning up his toys though.


Some days are hard. He can be so emotional sometimes. He talks a lot, but if he is upset it just turns into a meltdown of epic proportions where incomprehensible gibberish and screams become his favored form of communication. And hitting and kicking.

He is incredibly silly. Everything is a joke to him.


He loves the ladies. When we leave the ballet studio it is usually with him waving and calling out, “Bye girls!”


He wants to be big. He wants to be in the Olympics and he wants to be a Dodger. We’ve been watching and he claps for Team USA and tries to mimic the events. Today we had a track meet in the living room.


He’s becoming more self aware. He discovered his birth marks on his legs the other day and could not stop checking them out.

“Mama, what’s this?”
“Your birthmark, I already told you that, silly.”
“Oh, my birthmark? From God? Oh.”


I cut his hair yesterday and he checks himself out in the mirror every time we go into the bathroom. It is usually accompanied by something along the lines of, “You cut my hair and combed it and now I’m so handsome. I’m so handsome now, Mama.”


Bed time is always chaotic. It usually starts with the announcement that it is time to clean up toys and put on jammies and then all the crazy comes out. It’s this second wind of insanity which includes hyperactivity not seen at these levels at any other point in the day, demonic hoarse voices because they get so hyped up they start screeching and losing their voice, and giggling that leaves them slightly blue-lipped and gasping for air. It continues through prayers in which we feel more like jungle gyms than parents. Then we get them into bed which usually includes at least one screaming and crying meltdown before they settle down and start to snuggle.


Tonight Sprout finally curled up into the “C” my body was forced into in order to fit on the futon. Then he rolled his head back, looked into my face and in that sweet heart melting voice said, “Mama, you love me,” before he sighed one last big sigh and fell asleep.


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4 responses to “On Sprout my little heart melter.

  1. Melody

    This made me love my little boy a little more! Beautifully written!

  2. Dearcaralou

    So sweet!

  3. Auntie Linda

    Love his haircut – good job!

  4. I just love him. So, so sweet. Wonderful writing about your boy. 🙂

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