Prince Charming

On our first anniversary (almost eight years ago), we decided to spend a few days at Disneyland. In the shop that now is home to the Bippity Boppity Boutique in Fantasyland, there used to be a shop that had costumes and things for princesses AND princes. I remember thinking that the Prince Charming costume and other boy costumes they had there were so adorable. I remember seeing a couple siblings dressed up in the park that day as well as little boys all on their own as their favorite prince (and a couple dragons). Since then everything has become princess-only for girls and the boy stuff revolves around Cars. The boy fairytale costumes are non-existent. Obviously this decision is profitable or Disney wouldn’t do it, but it bums me out.

A couple weeks ago I decided I wanted to make Sprout a Prince Charming costume. I realized I pretty much had almost everything I would need. I kind of had an idea of what I would do and how it would work, but looked around on the Internet for some tutorials as a reference and came across this great one by Ashley at Make It and Love it. I read through it, headed to the craft store for all of our embellishments and then got to work cutting out the pieces right away.


My advantage for this project was that I already had a suit that fit Sprout to use as a pattern guide (Thanks Cara for all your great hand-me-downs, as always). I used cream colored felt for the jacket because I had a ton of it from when I thought I was going to make hand embroidered Norweigan slippers for all the girls in my family one year. I also had a bunch of red fabric that I had been planning to use for various boy sewing projects, some of which I used for the cape and hat in the Prince Philip costume.

I did decide to do some slightly different things than she did in the tutorial. I backed all my gold stripes with some of the blue sparkly fabric I had leftover from the Cinderella costume. It was kind of a way to tie the two character costumes together, which is an old theater/movie trick where two characters that the viewers are supposed to associate together wear similar tones or the same colors. I also used some pre-made “frog” closures for the front of the coat (notions were on sale that day at JoAnn’s and I took full advantage). I also had trouble making the epaulets the way she described and wound up reading a few different tutorials on the subject in order to make mine.


All the thick fabric layers and notions definitely gave the machine quite a workout. I don’t even know how many different needles broke during the course of the project. Sometimes it seemed like one every few minutes. I was getting pretty frustrated. I finally found some heavy duty needles and stopped having so many problems.

Sprout and his cousin were fighting over who got to be Prince Charming this morning so we did photo shoots with both of them in between wiping noses 500 times due to our second round of summer colds. Fun times.


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2 responses to “Prince Charming

  1. Auntie Linda

    You’ve done it again – each boy is the most adorable Prince Charming I’ve ever seen!

  2. snnw

    You are amazing…!!

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