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Citrus Classic Balloon Festival Part 4: Afternoon

After we caught the last train back to the festival, we found a spot in the main field and used it as home base for most of the rest of the afternoon. Sparrow took a nap and so did my sister. Smaller groups of us went to go check out cars at the car show, take the kids to the bounce houses and kids area, and get food and snacks to bring back. I wish I would have packed a small bag of toy cars and things for the kids as well as some extra snacks, bottled water and juice boxes. As with most events of this nature, simple snacks, drinks and food in general was overpriced. The kids also started to get really restless so a little bag of toys would have helped. The air show (seperate post) in the early evening did help to keep them a little occupied, but they lost interest throughout the show when the action would wane. On the festival website, it said the balloons would be going up at 6:30pm, but that did not happen. One balloon started to go up around that time, but before it got all the way blown up, it was back down again. We waited and waited it out and then finally someone from our group asked around and found out that they would not be putting the balloons back up until it was dark. I was really frustrated because I had visions of these sweet pictures of our kids at “golden hour” with balloons filling the sky in the background. Instead, our kids were “done” and melting down quickly. Plus, our great spot we’d held all afternoon was being crowded in on and the event organizers had put up the caution barrier about 10 feet in front of where our little camp was and 30 people were now crowded in between us and the barrier. We were all grumpy, tired and sunburnt. It was just time to go. So we made the decision to head to the car and not stick around to see the balloons go up. We did pull off on the highway to look at the glowing balloons before heading home for the night.


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