Obsessed with the Lorax

Actual conversations between my kiddos…


Sprout: This is my super axe hacker! (note, everything is a super axe hacker with this kid) Chop! Chop! I’m chopping Truffula Trees!
Bean: No! I want to have trees!
Sprout: I chopped just one tree.
Bean: OK, but you better not chop anymore! I want to have trees. That’s not the good part of the book!
Sprout: (singing) Let it die! Let it die! Let it shrivel up and die!
Bean: No! Let it grow!


Bean: (dancing around the living room singing the “Let it grow” song) [Sprout] come with me!
Sprout: Whack! Whack! No! I’m chopping Truffula trees.


I gave them some peanuts as I was shelling some to snack on myself.

Bean: [Sprout] catch! It's a Truffula seed! The very last Truffula seed of them all!
Sprout: I'm gonna go get my super axe hacker!
Bean: No, [Sprout]! You're supposed to treat it with care, grow a forrest and PROTECT it from axes that hack!


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One response to “Obsessed with the Lorax

  1. Auntie Linda

    I wonder if this (behavior and perspective) is a predictor of their respective, future college majors and careers…it’s possible!

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