My sweet girl turned four!

It seems slightly impossible to me that four years have already gone by. And then it doesn’t.

We went down south to celebrate Bean’s birthday with a last hurrah trip to Disneyland. We probably won’t be going back before our passes expire in November.

While packing for our trip, the kids were in and out of our room and Bean spied her presents that luckily were wrapped already. She said, “Mama, I walked by the closet and I saw the closet!” then proceeded to walk by the closet several more times that day. Hidden present fail. Ha!

Stephen’s mom went with us because she’d been basically begging to go for awhile. Stephen’s dad is an introvert and as she put it, “Disneyland isn’t the happiest place on earth for him.” It wound up being pretty great having an extra set of hands around for the day.

We started the festivities with a family birthday party at my aunt’s house. My sister and her husband came up from Oceanside. We had my aunt’s famous turkey tacos followed by cupcakes and gifts.





My mother-in-law is one of Bean’s favorite people. She was very excited to have grandma sit by her in the van and hold her hand everywhere we went. She was also very happy with the Brave doll grandma got her. Bean is inexplicably obsessed with Merida even though we haven’t seen the movie.

Disneyland had ups and downs. We had just recovered from the stomach flu. So the biggest downer moment was at lunch when Sparrow barfed all over himself and the stroller. We thought, “Oh great, day over.” But we decided it was a combo of being overheated (it was hotter down there than in Bakersfield that weekend which seems impossible) and a still sensitive post-flu stomach. I bought the boy a Lightening McQueen onesie at Sarge’s. We got him changed and everything cleaned up. He seemed happy enough afterwards. I did my first batch of laundry in the bathroom sinks for the day and we dried stuff on top of the stroller canopy since it was hotter than the face of the sun outside (The first batch of laundry being because the one-day-shy-four-year-old peed her pants four times that day. Her two-and-a-half-year-old brother? Zero. Fun times.)


We finished the day feeling like despite some setbacks, that “we came and conquered” so to speak. We managed to get in more rides than previous trips and I didn’t leave feeling like we spent the whole day dealing with bathroom trips, napping children, eating, grouchy children, and walking back and forth all over the park. I think the fact that it wasn’t super crowded helped. We saw the newly arrived Merida, for example, in under 15 minutes.


Hanging on to grandma for dear life on the ladybug ride. She was not a fan.


The next morning we woke up back home. I asked Bean what it feels like to be four and she said, “It feels like to be big.”


I took the kids out for a special treat of birthday donuts (very rare!).


The next day was ballet class. At the studio in Camarillo (that we loved and miss so very much), the classes were divided by age and each of the classes wore color coded leotards. Bean’s three-year-olds class wore pink and the four-year-olds class wore purple. Since we had hand-me-down leotards from her cousins that were at the same studio, Bean knew about the leotards and wanted to wear them. When we switched to the Tuesday afternoon class, there was a four-year-olds class at the same time as her class which fueled this even more. So all year it was, “When I turn four I get to wear the purple leotard.” Bean would tell everyone this. She even told the checker at the grocery store once and when we saw Santa at Disneyland last Christmas, she told him too. Our new studio isn’t picky about dance attire in the slightest (kind of one of my peeves, but no studio has everything I want) and no one except me, my sister-in-law and maybe a few others really gets why she was so excited to wear a purple leotard that day. It was the icing on the cake to turning four!




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2 responses to “My sweet girl turned four!

  1. Auntie Linda

    Thanks for the memories! Sat. night was fun (“famous turkey tacos”…yeah, right!).

  2. bandofbrothers

    Happy birthday Bean! She is so adorable! And I loved how much she loves her grandma. too sweet. sorry it was hot at disneyland! that’s not allowed! glad you had fun anyway!

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