First pumpkin patch visit of the season!

Friday I took the kids out to Murray Family Farms for some fall fun. Now that it isn’t five million degrees outside, I want to make the most if it.

We walked around the pumpkins they had on display out front for awhile. The kids rearranged them, sat on them, got excited over the giant ones, and asked me to take pictures with some of their favorites.





Sparrow was strutting (this kid does not walk, he struts very matter-of-factly like he is in charge) all over the place, stopping at every pumpkin that was at least as big as him to exclaim, “Whoa! Wow!” and smack it with his hands.




We went inside and had lunch. This was only a few days into my elimination diet and as soon as I got out there I started to feel really dumb about planning our lunch out there, I wound up getting a platter of roasted veggies and some marinara sauce. One of my only options. The kids were easy and had their Mac-n-Cheese. Then it was on to the rest of the farm to explore the kid-size ant colony, the dried corn pit, the gourd tunnel, the corn maze, the sunflower maze, the cherry tomato maze (where my kids discovered that hey, they do like tomatoes afterall), the giant jumping pillow they had all to themselves, the water pump duck races, flower gardens galore, a hay ride farm tour that left Bean in tears clinging to me for her life, picking out pumpkins in the pumpkin patch with spiders and bugs and thorns, a sweet treat and then home.






We’ve got another trip planned with friends for Monday and we’ll probably go at least once more before the end of the month with Avory & Co. We’re also planning to go apple picking soon. This is hands down my favorite time of the year!


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