Too much stuff to talk about for one post

My life the last few weeks has been absolutely insane.

First of all, we moved. I meant to mention it before hand, but things were way up in the air kind of right up until the end.

This is our cute little rental house:


As impractical as it sounds, some of the first things we did were unpack books and put up decor. Six months without these things was tough for me.





We read Madeline and learned about France.



We cleaned our apartment.


My sister came down for one last hurrah visit before she and her husband head back to Korea for a few years (because there are no jobs here, get it together United States). We had a fun weekend with her and we took some sister pictures. So cheese ball.


Henry and Avory got sick. So much snot and drool and coughing and Vicks and sticky cough syrup and for my sister breathing treatments and ER trips to deal with.




The kids drew on their pumpkin patch picks and I carved them along with a couple drawings of my own.


I made an owl costume for Henry in two days with a hoodie, lots of felt, feathers and hot glue.





My kids did not cooperate for a group costume photo. Mainly because Henry will not be told what to do or be forced to stand in one place.



My sweet nephew joined us for some trick-or-treating after he said goodbye to Mommy that had to go to work.




This guy got promoted at work, but he’s still humble enough to help with chores and crazy kids.



We love him so much. He’s kind of a big deal around here.

I keep waiting for this whirlwind roller coaster we’ve been on for the last year to stop, but it just never seems to. I want to catch my breath and stop feeling so worn down and not in control. I suppose this just might be life for awhile though. I am learning to cope with it day by day.


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2 responses to “Too much stuff to talk about for one post

  1. bandofbrothers

    i’m sorry things have been crazy. i understand how hard that is. stressful.

    cute lil costumes!

    and i adore the sisters pic! i think it’s so great and will be treasured in the years to come!

  2. such a sweet sister picture! and that owl costume is amazing! you’re so crafty, it kills me.

    I still want to come and see you guys! This week the kids and I really do want to try to make it over– it’s just that our life is way too crazy too. 🙂 Hang in there, honey.

    Can’t wait to see you. SOON!

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