Officer Avory, the buck stops with him

In the Wuertz household the people are represented by two separate, yet equally important groups. The tattle tales and informants that point out crime and the Mama and Papa that investigate and prosecute the offenders. These are their stories.


The kid starts talking and now I’ve got my own personal Sheriff around here three days a week. Nothing gets by this kid. Someone takes after his Mama.


Avory: Weesa, Effan jumpeen on da bed.
Me: No jumping on the bed! We don’t jump on the bed.


Avory: Weesa, big mess! Jiwee big mess!
Me: Ok, Avory, thanks for letting me know. You guys can clean up the dolls and toys later.


Avory: Weesa, Henry touching tree!
Me: Henry, no touch! No touch tree!


Avory: Weesa, Effan not sharing. Effan all the toys.
Me: Ethan, there are a lot of toys in here, let Avory have one of those tractors please.


Jillian: Mama, can we watch a show or a movie today please?
Avory: No, Jiwee! No TV!


Me: Henry! No hitting Henry! No hit Mama! Time out!
Avory: Time out! Time out Henry! No hitting!


Avory: Weesa, Henry snot.
Me: Henry has a snot?
Avory: Yup! Wipe it!


Avory: Weesa! Henry dishes! Henry cabinets! Big mess! Big mess!
Me: Thanks Avory.


Avory: Weesa, dirty in here. Vacuum. Need vacuum.
Me: Ok Avory, I’ll try to get around to vacuuming today.



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2 responses to “Officer Avory, the buck stops with him

  1. bandofbrothers

    that is so funny!

  2. Auntie Linda

    That is hilarious – Love the Law & Order opening!

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