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Ethan at 3 and Henry at 18 months

This family, crafting and cooking blog of mine is sadly neglected. I’ve been too busy writing 8,000+ word manifestos. Which is all well and good and I suppose serves some sort of a purpose in the Western sense of LEARN ALL THE THINGS!! But it takes a lot of mental energy and zaps me and then it’s done and I’m still not satisfied and it still seems less than comprehensive and then the task seems insurmountable and I wonder why I even tried writing something like that in the first place. But I did, and it is there now. To be honest, thinking about Orthodoxy and how to explain myself to others is pretty much taking up all my mental energy lately.

For the longest time, well the whole past year, I just believed and loved it and that was the end of it, but now all these other people are involved. Sometimes I wish we had just kept the whole thing to ourselves. But then there’s that whole sharing your faith business to contend with. We humans have a tough lot sometimes.

Anyway, the reason I broke my silence was to take a break from that and talk about some kid milestones, albeit a bit late.

This guy turned three:

It’s kind of been a non-stop party since his actual birthday. He was still having a few gifts roll in earlier this week.



Ethan and his cousin Avory are only four weeks apart so that was part of it. I made Avory a tractor quilt and my sister took the boys on a little road trip which involved feeding a giraffe a the zoo, a giant tree house and the World Ag Expo with lots of tractors.








At three, Ethan:
-Loves everything that Avory does. Which means tractors, John Deere, diggers, construction equipment, and monster trucks. Today he and Jillian told me that they want me to ditch the Odyssey for a lifted Tahoe like Avory’s parents drive. Not happening. And trust me kiddos, there are way worse vehicles your parents could be driving, I know, my mom drove almost every single one of them: rusty 80s Toyota van, anyone?
-When Avory is not around he loves trains, Thomas to be specific. He also then loves anything that Jillian does. He’s a bit of a follower.
-Total jokester and thinks everything is funny. Laughs at the worst moments. Can’t look anyone in the eye without melting into a puddle of giggles.
-Sometimes he gets so excited about things that it is impossible to make out what he’s saying between the bit of a lisp, toddler pronunciations and talking way too fast and high pitched.
-I love the way he says certain things: hangaburgers and fwench fwies, Jiwee, twuck. Basically all his L’s and R’s make the W sound.
-His mischievous grin is precious and infuriating all at the same time.
-Has been overtaken by Henry in the display of drama queen behavior, but still has plenty of dramatics of his own. If this kid gets hurt it’s purple lipped wailing and streaming tears for quite some time.
-He’s very sensitive to changes in his environment. He can’t stand to be too hot or too cold, but especially too cold. Smoothies and ice cream are a love-hate relationship because of this.
-He is a total Mama’s boy. He comes in to snuggle with me between 4 and 6am about 80% of our mornings. While he loved all the fun stuff they did on their road trip, he missed me a lot and even chose coming straight home over stopping to eat dinner.
-Hates wearing pants. If we are at home, the pants are off. Which causes all kinds of problems with his sensitivity to cold and heat. “I’m co-wud. I want you to ho-wud me.” “If you’re cold, just go put on some pants.” “No! No pants!”
-Is going through a little lying and potty accident phase which combine to create lots of problems and accidents. He lies about things he thinks he will be in trouble for. Like if he’s playing with Henry and suddenly Henry is in tears with a red mark on his head and we heard Ethan yelling before. “Ethan! You hurt your brother! That was naughty!” “No I didn’t. He just fell and got hurt all by his-self.” Or he starts getting super antsy and wiggly, I notice and tell him to go to the potty and he throws himself on the floor in tears and tantrum, “Nooo! I don’t! Have! To! Go!” At which point I pick him up and make him get there and he’s already a little wet.
-Is barely wearing size 2T and some 18M stuff still fits.
-Gets very jealous of Henry and starts reverting to Henry’s behaviors, (lack of) vocabulary and wants to be held like Henry.

Which brings us to Henry who is now actually 19 months, but 18 months is the typical milestone. I actually took some pictures of Henry at the park when he turned 18 months old. I wished I had the good camera, but the iPhone had to suffice since it was totally unplanned and I was unprepared.




-He’s a lover and a fighter, full of passion and independence, but can’t decide if he wants to be held and cuddled or to run off and be like the big kids. Can go from totally sweet and lovable to a complete wreck in a few minutes.
-Climbs on everything.
-Says, “no,” to everything.
-Has some little two and three word combinations that he says when he wants to do something himself: do it, hold it, and have it; commanding the dog: Charlotte (shaw-wit) sit (often sounds like a certain four letter word) down; or when he’s trying copy me: Jill! Come on!
-Loves being tickled, but says, “Tickle, Tickle,” or “Tickle Mama” in the most evil sounding voice and follows it with the most evil sounding laugh.
-Some of his other words: juice (juuu), milk (mil), cup, ball, owl (wowl), mine, me, puppy, blueberry (boobri), pillow, ew, stinky, hello, puppy, Cheerios (ya-yos), open, book, naughty (naw-ni, which he sings to himself when he’s doing something that is), bite, blanket (bank-bank), night-night (nigh-nigh), kiss, hug, baby, lap (wep), nose, eyes, mouth, neck (which can also mean necklace), toes, feet (feet-feet), diaper, pull-ups, undies, yum, cookie, and gentle
-Is wearing size 18M, but some 12M stuff still fits. He needs the 18M for length.
-If something doesn’t go his way he gets super angry. Usually this is followed by his little routine of a response: he hits or throws something, bashes his head into something, spits and screams. Sometimes this is completely hilarious to me and I have to stifle my laughter.


If he’s really upset he throws himself on the floor. If he’s really, really upset he stops breathing for a second and his lips turn purple. You know, all because we picked him up and told him not to climb on the table that he has fallen off of and busted his lip open from the fall three times and counting. It’s like living with the baby Incredible Hulk. Since his same-age cousin is often known as baby Thor, maybe we can have the whole Avengers team on our hands one day. Or not, because I will never be pregnant again.
-Loves milk. It’s pretty much the only thing he wants to drink.
-Is still my champion eater, but has become slightly more picky over time. Nothing like his siblings though. Has to do it himself. Smashes way too much in at once. Gets mad if we try to help. Sometimes Ethan still makes a bigger mess than him because Ethan plays with his food and Henry actually eats it.





-Loves swings and pinecones at the park.




-Is in a hat phase. I love it.


-Loves to pull everything out of the cabinets and drawers. I hate it.


-And look who just climbed into my lap for his nap and fell asleep. Pouty lip and baby fingers. Oh this little love!



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