Ways that I’m obviously failing at my job…

Summer makes me feel like a limp noodle.


Husband announces one night, “I’m thinking about looking into taking my work clothes to the dry cleaner. It takes me a really long time to iron in the morning and we can’t seem to get them folded and off the floor before they get wrinkly and covered in dog hair.”




“We were sitting in your room, playing together with a ball…” says my mother-in-law as she launches into a story about my husband’s childhood that I’ve probably heard no less than 100 times. I focus in on a new aspect of the story, wait, you were playing together? Parents play with their kids? Because I don’t. Or rarely. I kind of just let them do their thing and I do mine.



Why are there so many toys out at once? Why is there such a big mess? Questions my husband asks when he gets home from work.

Um. I don’t know. They were playing.

This, uh, independence, has resulted in a new thing where my kids have started sneaking food and drinks from the pantry instead of asking me to get something for them and eating them in the back of my daughter’s closet behind the dress-up clothes rack.

I don’t know. I feel like I do stuff all day long. I wash at least two loads of dishes. The laundry makes it into the washing machine and dryer. I cook meals. I make things for my kids and our house. We go to the park. Sometimes Jilly & I sit down and do preschool worksheets (because she begs me). We read a lot of books. They look at a lot of books. Jillian recites a lot of books from memory to the others.


So why does it feel like it is never good enough? Why does it feel like I’ll never catch up? How do you ladies do it with the small children and the working out daily and the clean house and the crafts and the Etsy shop or other entrepreneur activities and the healthy eating and the homeschooling and the daily blog posts and the beautiful photographs? Because I’m barely treading water here people and I don’t even make myself have half those responsibilities.




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4 responses to “Ways that I’m obviously failing at my job…

  1. Lisa, I am so glad to hear my story too but coming from you! I would never have guessed you had any of those struggles.. but I am glad my husband reads your blog too because he can see I am not the only one, ha! Seriously though, no answers here but definitely can sympathize. The only time that all of the above does not bother me as much though is when I decide it doesn’t matter what anyone (even husband) thinks but if I remember I am doing my best unto Christ and that he sees my efforts and that that is enough. The more I think like that the better. But it is easy for me at least to stray from that way of living. And then yes, it becomes overwhelming. From what I can see, you are an AMAZING mom and wife and I’d love to be able to accomplish half of what you do haha so really it is all relative!

  2. whiner. ha! ha! ha! i don’t know how these other people do it either. they must have secret maids.

  3. oh and let me just say. Brave party? that would never happen at my house.

  4. bandofbrothers

    oh i don’t think anybody does it all…i think people excel at what they are good at and it comes easy for them and they do it in less time it takes other people. but there is always a cost that comes from doing those other things. the cost in stress and slightly neglected kids. I stink at cooking and so there is sometimes stress at the dinner time in our household. lately i’ve been setting my priorities(bible readings, cleaning, kid attention) and then I get to do the frivolous stuff if i have time left over. it certainly motivates me to jam through that laundry pile:)

    keep your chin up. most people can’t knit like you can!!!!:)

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