Frame it!

When I was a kid I remember my dad liked taking photos, he had a seemingly decent camera, maybe a couple of them. There were some photo albums from before we were born where you could tell taking photos was a real hobby of his.

My parents had a couple albums from our childhood that I remember and a box or two of photos that went with us on all our moves (my mom says my dad and I have the “hermit crab itch” and that explains moving so much). They also had school pictures and group shots of us from Olan Mills every few year. One particular blue ruffle dress with white polka dots made its rounds on all of us in these.

Get ready, I’ve got some real gems here:







But overall it wasn’t a huge amount of pictures. Many of these same pictures are in the same frames they’ve been in almost all my life in my dad’s house.

With digital photography, we get instant feedback on our photos to be able to see what is and is not working and we are not constrained by rolls of film. Even though I am not a professional photographer by any means, I am definitely developing my own style and way of capturing our daily family life. I take tons of photos all day long and a good amount of them, even iPhone photos, are things I’d love to have framed on the walls in our home.






If we did this though, we probably wouldn’t have any wall space or space for other artwork. I mean, for now we have room to grow, but if this keeps up that will definite happen. The second highest number of boxes we’ve packed is that of picture frames and photos (first is books, nearly a dozen boxes of them at last count).

So what do you do with all of your family photos and daily life photos? Are they on your hard drive? The best of the best framed throughout your house? Professional photos only in frames? Scrapbooks or photo books for everything else? Do you swap out the photos in frames as your family grows and changes?


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  1. GrandmaTiger

    I’d say that digital frames – the ones that show a continually changing slideshow of the pictures on the disk – will probably be the way most people display their collections. I have a bunch of pictures here on my laptop, and usually put them into a slideshow format as the desktop background. That way the pictures get swapped out and yet only take up a minimal amount of actual space. Framed pictures are nice, but over time they collect dust, get stuck to the glass, etc. unless you really take care of them. I have some older photos that I can never take out of their frames because they have become part of the glass. Digital pictures are definitely wonderful, not having to pay for development is a bonus. I have no idea how many wonderful family scenes we lost through the years because we either couldn’t afford to get a roll developed, or didn’t go pick it up on time at the store.

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