Less messy bird feeder craft for kids

We are loving homeschooling right now! There have been some tricky parts like when H climbs on the table and sits on J’s work (so we started doing most of our schooling during his nap) and working through her perfectionism is always a challenge too. It’s magical to watch her brain put things together though.

She’s reading some three letter words now with the “short” sounds for a, i, and o. Last night we read books together, me pausing to let her sound out words she can read now in some of her favorite stories. It is very exciting stuff.

I am also really loving the Garden of the Theotokos curriculum we decided to do this year. I’ve always loved doing art projects and crafts with the kids and this lends itself really well to that. Much like Five in a Row, I am doing a bit of picking over, but I love that it it is all laid out for me, matching up with the Liturgical year for when I do want to do it.

We are currently in the “Book of Creation” section of that curriculum. We learned about the birds and the fish for the fifth day of creation. One of the extra activities is to make a bird feeder. Just about every bird feeder craft I know of has some sort of nut butter mess involved (including the one in the book). Not only did I not want to deal with that, but we were also pretty much out of ours. So I started thinking up an alternative.

Less messy bird feeder craft for kids

-toilet paper roll
-markers/crayons/paint for decorating
-hole punch
-about 12″ or so of yarn
-bird seed (we used raw sunflower kernels from our pantry)

Step 1: Fold end of toilet paper roll as shown below:


Step 2: Do the same thing to the other end. The folds should be on the same side of the roll. This creates a little tray for the seeds.

Step 3. Cut out a rectangle/square/oval above the “tray” in the middle of the TP roll as shown below:


Step 4: Punch holes in either end of the roll as shown below:



Step 5: Decorate!


Step 6: Tie yarn on to each end using the punched holes.

Step 7: Fill with seeds.



Step 8: Take them outside and hang them.




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One response to “Less messy bird feeder craft for kids

  1. Auntie Linda

    Very creative bird-feeder – well done! And I just love J’s dress.

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