St. Silouan on intrusive thoughts


“We must always remember that the Lord sees us wrestling with the enemy, and so we need never be afraid. Even should all hell fall upon us, we must be brave. The Saints learned how to do battle with the enemy. They knew that the enemy uses intrusive thoughts to deceive us, and so all through their lives they declined such thoughts. At first sight there seems to be nothing wrong about an intrusive thought but soon it begins to divert the mind from prayer, and then stirs up confusion. The rejection of all intrusive thoughts, however apparently good, is therefore essential, and equally essential is it to have a mind pure in God… But should an intrusive thought approach, there is no cause to be troubled. Put your trust in a God and continue in prayer. We must not be troubled, because that rejoices the enemy. Pray, and the intrusive thought will leave you. This is the way of the Saints.

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