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Sprout month twelve

Tomorrow this sweet little boy turns one year old. It has been a great year.

He is pretty much a full time walker now and is going everywhere. Two of his one year molars have broken thru. He is still a pretty terrible sleeper.

The last couple weeks he has joined his sister in excited Papa is home greetings by stopping everything as soon as the sound of the door happens and running to him. Very cute.

He is very much in a “me too” phase. If he sees his sister or even me or anyone with something or getting something, particularly food, grunts and whines begin because he wants some too.

He is also in the screech phase. Boy is it loud too. Leaving the house with him is sometimes an issue because of this.

He is really, really sweet and loving. During the day when playing with his sister he always stops periodically and comes over to give me a hug or rest his head on my lap. Bean always does this scream and run from me thing, but he doesn’t do that. He just really is sweet, snuggly and loves his mama. Melts my heart every time.


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