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Daily, 11/12

His middle name may have been involved…

I am in so much trouble with this little boy!

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Sprout – month nine

We are super late on this one.

We were sick for three weeks. Sprout had two different rashes which made him unphotogenic.

So what’s new this month?

He eats real food now. Just full on small pieces of food. He is a great eater. He loves food.

He is pulling himself up on everything and loves to stand up.

He is finally crawling for real. If he wants to get somewhere fast he still prefers the army scoot, but he is getting better at the real hands and knees crawl.

He vocalizes a lot. Buh buh buh, ba ba ba, ma ma ma, na na na. He also does the high pitched screeches.

He fights back. Bean isn’t getting her way all the time now. She can’t just take toys from him. He takes them back. Or cries. Or both.

He is teething again. I think it is the eye teeth. Maybe the molars. Blerg.

Definitely has a different approach to things than Bean. He is all boy. I don’t really know how to explain it other than that. She is just so much more delicate with most things and he just goes for it, bangs on it, rams into it, etc.

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Brave boy

Sprout is pulling himself up on everything! Yesterday he even stood up twice without holding on to anything. You can tell he wants to walk. I am in trouble.

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Acorn Sweater

I was recently invited to a baby shower for one of the ladies in our Bible study that is due to have a boy in October. When I got the invitation August seemed so far away and I thought I would have plenty of time to make something. Well then this summer and the month of July just flew by so fast and the week before the shower I still hadn’t even decided on a project. If I had been very sure about what I was going to make this wouldn’t have been much of an issue, I can usually whip out a baby knit in a couple days.

I kept changing my mind though and ripping it out and next thing I knew Sunday arrived and I was knitting right up until 20 minutes before the shower with lots more to go. Time to give up and just go empty handed except for the salad I promised to bring to the party.

Part of the problem is that I picked out a varigated yarn, something I had sworn off months ago. Varigated yarns are just really hard for my brain to work with because I can’t control what is happening. A color change would happen in an awkward part of the pattern and I’d get frustrated and rip out.

I just couldn’t resist this yarn though. The color name is aptly titled, “Earth” and it’s no wonder with all those lovely oranges and browns.

Plus, I found the cutest acorn buttons and I had to make it work.

I did eventually figure out what I was going to do and decide. I made up my own pattern which I was dutifully writing down as I went up until the crunch was on and then I abandoned that idea. So no pattern to share here afterall. I do have some cute pictures of Sprout in said sweater though.

I based the pattern on past experience doing raglan sleeves, the men’s Zipped Vest stitch pattern from Veronik Avery’s Knitting Classic Style (which if you remember I made for my father-in-law for Christmas last year), and for the number to cast on I referenced the Simple Top and Socks with Contrast Stripe from Debbie Bliss Easy Knits (a tried and true pattern I’ve used many times for other baby gifts).

Congratulations Lindsey and Randy! Can’t wait until your new little guy joins our growing group of kiddos.


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Sprout at six months!

Dear Sprout,

What a month! Half of the first year is over and I just can’t believe it went by so fast. In many ways I am thankful for this since it was something I was pretty terrified of while pregnant. So here we are at six months.

We spent Father’s Day in Bakersfield with both of your grandpas:

There was a lot of teething, which, for the most part, you did not handle as joyfully as you did in the past months:

The teething has produced six teeth:

We hung out with cousin Avory quite a bit:

(Avory is teething too, so us mamas had our hands full while your Papa was away on a camping trip)

A few weeks ago I decided to ignore my intuition and go with the crowd. Everyone I knew that had a baby about the same time as you were born had been trying food. I knew you were not ready, but ignored my own advice given just a few weeks prior to my sister and decided that you “needed” to be starting to try food. Over a two day period I forced you to try oatmeal that your sister was having, rice we were having with dinner one night and avocado. You hated it. Gagged on it. Your tongue thrust reflex was still clearly in place. You weren’t even sitting up yet. I knew you weren’t ready and yet I did not listen to what I knew and went with what everyone else was doing. I felt so dumb afterwards.

I talked to our pediatrician about it at your appointment this week. She said food wasn’t a big deal and that clearly you are thriving on just my milk alone. (Have I mentioned how much I love your pediatrician?)

I’ve also been doing some reading on the subject. It seems grains aren’t that great a first food in some circles. A friend (one of the ones already feeding solids) mentioned this to me a few weeks ago and I was honestly shocked that she gave egg yolks as a first food to her baby.

Then I read Real Food for Mother and Baby by Nina Planck (I read her first book a few months ago) and it all made sense. Since their true first food is milk, baby’s digestive systems are designed to mostly break down protein and fat. So meat, eggs, and yogurt are better first foods according to this theory. I think I am understandably still very wary of the eggs and cow milk products though.

Planck also advocates a baby lead transition to eating solid foods where you basically put the food in front of them and let them feed themselves. No mashing. No spoon feeding. I have to say I pretty much was already on board with this idea. After all the eating troubles I’ve had with your sister, I am just so far beyond trying to shove mashed up food into your mouth with one of those teeny baby spoons. Your pediatrician likes this idea too.

Whatever we’re having, you have a little. If you put it in your mouth, no big deal. If you don’t put it in your mouth, no big deal. When you are ready, you will be ready.

This morning I decided to try again. For breakfast I made an open faced egg sandwich and grilled sausages for your papa and I and oatmeal for your sister. I put a spoonful of her oatmeal on your tray and a slice of sausage.

At first you were not too sure about the sausage you managed to stick in your mouth:

But then you warmed up to the idea:

You also threw quite a bit of it on the floor and your sister stole some bites.

So anyway, that about sums this month up. We love you little boy, you are such a joy and make our family so complete. I can’t imagine our lives without you.



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Sprout – month five

Dear Sprout,

You are five months old today. What? Where did that time go? I’m not sure.

At five months you:

-You are just a happy guy. Your giggles fill our home and we love it.

-Have five teeth poking thru (you can really only see three). Go figure. You don’t bite during nursing though so it’s all good. You actually handle teething very well compared to your sister. If it is really bad you might fuss a bit or not nap, but some teething tabs or Ibuprofin usually take care of that.

-Knees? What are those? Yours got lost somewhere in those rolls. You are still thriving solely on Mama Milk. You have shown no interest in big people food unlike your sister who was ready to go at it around 4 months and we waited until 5 months to start it for her. I did get you a high chair though so that you can sit with us at the table for meals. You seem to like it and being up high where you can see everything that is going on.

-At your last doctor appointment you were 25 1/4in long, weighed in at 15lbs 4oz, and your head circumference was 16 7/8in which makes you about average (55th percentile) except for your head which is a little bigger than most (in the 70th percentile).

-You still flail your arms about quite a bit and don’t seem to have the best control over them, but your control has improved enough that you can now suck your thumb while sitting up. You love your thumb. You love it so much that you even try to sneak it in there when we are nursing. I often have to hold your hands down so it doesn’t happen.

-Now that you no longer have the very strong startle reflex and you can roll from belly to back, you have decided that you prefer sleeping on your back or side.

We just love you chunkster. Can’t get enough!


Mama (Papa and Sissy)


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Sprout – month two

Sprout is two months old today.

He sleeps through the night now, so long as I swaddle him and he sleeps upright in his vibrating bouncy seat.

Early on in this month we moved him down the hall and into the guestroom to sleep because he is such a loud sleeper. He grunts and sighs and makes all kinds of noises really loudly all night long and I just couldn’t get any sleep with all that going on.

He smiles all the time. Especially at his sister.

He still spits up quite a bit. We both go through several outfit changes a day. I don’t think I own a single piece of clothing without a greasy spit up stain on it.

I am starting to get glimpses of his personality. He just seems to be a very happy easy going baby as long as gas/reflux/colic are not bothering him. So once those things get over with I think it is going to be a lot of fun having him around.

I know some of you bemoan every little development as it means your children are babies no longer, but that’s not me. I’m pretty excited about the fact that Sprout is growing and that these first couple months have gone by so fast. I love my kids very much, but newborns definitely are not my favorite.

So, I’m very glad that Sprout is quickly losing some of that newbornishness with every accumulating fat roll and longer stretch that he makes between feedings.

They say you never know what kind of parent you are going to be until you have your first kids, no matter how many parenting books you read beforehand. I think I would extend that to the second child as well. There was and is so much I’ve learned about myself, my kids, and being a parent. And it isn’t that cliche that as the oldest Bean was the guinea pig, by any means. Things that worked with her don’t always necessarily work with him. Things that I had time, energy, patience, etc. with her I don’t necessarily have with two kids. And I’m still learning and still having to adapt. It’s good, it’s hard, and so worth it.


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First finished knits of the year

A month ago my sister e-mails me because she found this cute little Etsy shop and wanted to get the shoes and hats with ears for her friends that are adopting a baby from Ethiopia, but could I please make them or something similar for her instead and I have a year or so because foreign adoption processes take a long time.

But of course. I had a similar cotton bootie pattern and hats with ears are easy peasy. Plus, how could I resist knitting something so cute? I could not.

Well, then this week she e-mails me again to inquire about the status of the project which I had not even started yet.

no rush but they just completed their home study – which is a super hard, super long packet and interview process and i’d love to give them to her to celebrate. i know you are crazy busy and have two kids now! omg thats nuts. so really no worries. I told her about them and she is pumped. I am so glad i have a knitter sister like you.

When my sister writes cute stuff like that I really cannot resist. Plus, I know from my sister-in-law’s experience how much work and huge binderfuls of paperwork goes into the adoptiong process and how big a deal these little milestones are. So, I did the only reasonable thing possible and almost immediately went to the store for yarn and started working so I could get them done by the end of the week. Because that is what sisters are for. Both projects were finished in 24 hours and later today they will be in the mail.

Have I mentioned how much I miss my sister? Because I do. A lot. This is the girl I used to share a bunkbed with and Oregon is freakin’ far away from Southern California people.

Pattern: Cotton Bootees from Easy Baby Knits by Claire Montgomerie
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton in Espresso
Needles: US 5
Modifications: Instead of making the t-bar a separate piece, I just attached the strap to the top middle of the bootee while I was knitting it by picking up a few stitches. Much easier and less ends to weave in and I think it looks better too because I did try the other way and then ripped it out.

Pattern: My own.
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton in Espresso and some unknown orange scrap wool I had in my stash.
Needles: US 5
Modifications: None.

And now I need to knit some for my little guy because he just looks so darn cute in them!


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So not AP.

While I’m at it with the being honest business, here’s a few more things I’d like to confess:

-After the initial first week of cute cuddly baby wears off, I pretty much hate cosleeping. Why? Well, it gets hot for one thing, every single noise (and this kid is a particularly loud one, he grunts pretty much non-stop all the time) keeps me awake, they can’t resist the all-you-can-eat buffet 2 inches from their face, the babe’s head starts to smell like armpit, and my sleeping positions are limited. Thankfully, Sprout has done just fine in the pack-n-play at the foot of our bed the last two nights. I hope this is a continuing trend.

-I think the Back to Sleep campaign is total bunk. Even though it’s a Wiki article, I felt more justified in thinking as such after reading this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sudden_infant_death_syndrome and no longer feel worried or guilty for putting the kid down on his stomach. Sleep wins.

-As big as I am on breastfeeding, I actually hate to do so in public even though I have a nursing apron and have never encountered conflict over such things. It stresses me out. I feel like everyone is looking at me. I worry that I am going to flash somebody because the kid will throw off the apron or pull up my shirt or because I have a hard time getting them latched on quickly and discretely. I know such things are somewhat ridiculous thoughts and worries to have. I know that this is natural. I know people should be more supporting of breastfeeding moms and that doing it in public encourages others and increases awareness, etc. But I have these thoughts and worries even still.


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Week two under my belt.

I’ve been contemplating what I want to say here for a couple days now. It seems every time that I analyze my parenting abilities it comes off to other people as accusatory and critical of their parenting abilities. That is not my intention here. My intention is to simply be honest about what I’m going through and how I’m feeling and how I’m processing what I think I should be doing with what I’m actually getting done.

So week two, Stephen went back to work. Much of the week I felt I was barely keeping my head above water.

We only managed to get out of our pajamas once and that was due to the fact that I had an appointment one morning with my doctor (Rash update: Despite antihistamines and steroid creams, it spread over my whole body, but today was finally the first day that I was not completely consumed by the need to scratch. As such, it looks like I’m finally going to be in the clear on this thing. Whew!). Also on that day, since we were all dressed, I decided to brave Target with both kids. One hundred dollars worth of random stuff later (some that I actually planned to buy, some not really), I survived.

Stephen got a cold and stayed home sick on Wednesday. The kids picked up the cold on Friday, but then it seemed to not be bothersome yesterday and came back with vengeance today. I was really determined to get out of the house and make it to church for the first time in well over a month though and was unwilling to admit that they were sick until we were in Ventura in the chuch parking lot with Stephen telling me that there was no way we could go in and leave Bean in the nursery because she had the most disgusting snotty nose  accompanied by sneezing, coughing and that stuffed up sound about her. Still, everyone seems to be handling their symptoms in stride. And we spent the day at the Channel Islands Harbor instead.

I did manage to cook dinner four nights this week.

I’ve had to utter the phrase, “I’m only one Mommy,” entirely too much. It breaks my heart often that I can’t do everything and be everything to everyone.

Sprout makes the challenges I thought I was facing with Bean seem like a cakewalk. I guess she was my chance at an easy baby. Bigger babies are supposed to be easier and sleep better, right? Um, yeah in this case not so much. Particularly when said baby is gassy and refluxy all the time. I’ve figured out that part of the problem is in nursing. I’m calling the pediatrician’s office tomorrow to see if they have a lactation consultant they can recommend. It really is that bad. He also pretty much refuses to be put down almost all the time. And this isn’t a slightly fussy kind of he can cry it out and be OK thing he does. We’re talking full on red-faced, nearly hyperventilating hysterics that sometimes turn into a coughing and gagging fit within a couple seconds.

Because of this, I constantly question whether I’m doing a good job with Bean. I guess I just kind of felt like when I was finally not pregnant and feeling gross and uncomfortable that she would get her Mommy back. And that really isn’t the case.

Everything we do these days seems like a constant rush. Getting frustrated over her slow eating because I’m on a ticking time bomb schedule for how long Sprout can last in the swing. Not being able to give my full attention as she points to everything thing in sight to ask for its name because I’m trying to comfort the baby that won’t stop screaming.

When I put her down for a nap I simultaneously miss her and feel relieved that there is only one tiny person on me, needing me, taking from me.

Yesterday, even with Stephen here, just using the bathroom felt like a luxury.

I knew this would be a challenge. I knew it would be hard. Heck, once I started showing, I couldn’t go anywhere without at least one person commenting that I had or was going to have my hands full. I just don’t think anything could have completely prepared me for what lay ahead.

I know I’ll get through it. I know this is just a season. Everyone in similar predicaments says when the youngest is about two years old they become the best of friends and life is just peachy. Most days, two seems quite a ways off though and I’m counting down the minutes until 6pm when Stephen gets home from work.


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