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First finished knits of the year

A month ago my sister e-mails me because she found this cute little Etsy shop and wanted to get the shoes and hats with ears for her friends that are adopting a baby from Ethiopia, but could I please make them or something similar for her instead and I have a year or so because foreign adoption processes take a long time.

But of course. I had a similar cotton bootie pattern and hats with ears are easy peasy. Plus, how could I resist knitting something so cute? I could not.

Well, then this week she e-mails me again to inquire about the status of the project which I had not even started yet.

no rush but they just completed their home study – which is a super hard, super long packet and interview process and i’d love to give them to her to celebrate. i know you are crazy busy and have two kids now! omg thats nuts. so really no worries. I told her about them and she is pumped. I am so glad i have a knitter sister like you.

When my sister writes cute stuff like that I really cannot resist. Plus, I know from my sister-in-law’s experience how much work and huge binderfuls of paperwork goes into the adoptiong process and how big a deal these little milestones are. So, I did the only reasonable thing possible and almost immediately went to the store for yarn and started working so I could get them done by the end of the week. Because that is what sisters are for. Both projects were finished in 24 hours and later today they will be in the mail.

Have I mentioned how much I miss my sister? Because I do. A lot. This is the girl I used to share a bunkbed with and Oregon is freakin’ far away from Southern California people.

Pattern: Cotton Bootees from Easy Baby Knits by Claire Montgomerie
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton in Espresso
Needles: US 5
Modifications: Instead of making the t-bar a separate piece, I just attached the strap to the top middle of the bootee while I was knitting it by picking up a few stitches. Much easier and less ends to weave in and I think it looks better too because I did try the other way and then ripped it out.

Pattern: My own.
Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton in Espresso and some unknown orange scrap wool I had in my stash.
Needles: US 5
Modifications: None.

And now I need to knit some for my little guy because he just looks so darn cute in them!


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So not AP.

While I’m at it with the being honest business, here’s a few more things I’d like to confess:

-After the initial first week of cute cuddly baby wears off, I pretty much hate cosleeping. Why? Well, it gets hot for one thing, every single noise (and this kid is a particularly loud one, he grunts pretty much non-stop all the time) keeps me awake, they can’t resist the all-you-can-eat buffet 2 inches from their face, the babe’s head starts to smell like armpit, and my sleeping positions are limited. Thankfully, Sprout has done just fine in the pack-n-play at the foot of our bed the last two nights. I hope this is a continuing trend.

-I think the Back to Sleep campaign is total bunk. Even though it’s a Wiki article, I felt more justified in thinking as such after reading this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sudden_infant_death_syndrome and no longer feel worried or guilty for putting the kid down on his stomach. Sleep wins.

-As big as I am on breastfeeding, I actually hate to do so in public even though I have a nursing apron and have never encountered conflict over such things. It stresses me out. I feel like everyone is looking at me. I worry that I am going to flash somebody because the kid will throw off the apron or pull up my shirt or because I have a hard time getting them latched on quickly and discretely. I know such things are somewhat ridiculous thoughts and worries to have. I know that this is natural. I know people should be more supporting of breastfeeding moms and that doing it in public encourages others and increases awareness, etc. But I have these thoughts and worries even still.


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Week two under my belt.

I’ve been contemplating what I want to say here for a couple days now. It seems every time that I analyze my parenting abilities it comes off to other people as accusatory and critical of their parenting abilities. That is not my intention here. My intention is to simply be honest about what I’m going through and how I’m feeling and how I’m processing what I think I should be doing with what I’m actually getting done.

So week two, Stephen went back to work. Much of the week I felt I was barely keeping my head above water.

We only managed to get out of our pajamas once and that was due to the fact that I had an appointment one morning with my doctor (Rash update: Despite antihistamines and steroid creams, it spread over my whole body, but today was finally the first day that I was not completely consumed by the need to scratch. As such, it looks like I’m finally going to be in the clear on this thing. Whew!). Also on that day, since we were all dressed, I decided to brave Target with both kids. One hundred dollars worth of random stuff later (some that I actually planned to buy, some not really), I survived.

Stephen got a cold and stayed home sick on Wednesday. The kids picked up the cold on Friday, but then it seemed to not be bothersome yesterday and came back with vengeance today. I was really determined to get out of the house and make it to church for the first time in well over a month though and was unwilling to admit that they were sick until we were in Ventura in the chuch parking lot with Stephen telling me that there was no way we could go in and leave Bean in the nursery because she had the most disgusting snotty nose  accompanied by sneezing, coughing and that stuffed up sound about her. Still, everyone seems to be handling their symptoms in stride. And we spent the day at the Channel Islands Harbor instead.

I did manage to cook dinner four nights this week.

I’ve had to utter the phrase, “I’m only one Mommy,” entirely too much. It breaks my heart often that I can’t do everything and be everything to everyone.

Sprout makes the challenges I thought I was facing with Bean seem like a cakewalk. I guess she was my chance at an easy baby. Bigger babies are supposed to be easier and sleep better, right? Um, yeah in this case not so much. Particularly when said baby is gassy and refluxy all the time. I’ve figured out that part of the problem is in nursing. I’m calling the pediatrician’s office tomorrow to see if they have a lactation consultant they can recommend. It really is that bad. He also pretty much refuses to be put down almost all the time. And this isn’t a slightly fussy kind of he can cry it out and be OK thing he does. We’re talking full on red-faced, nearly hyperventilating hysterics that sometimes turn into a coughing and gagging fit within a couple seconds.

Because of this, I constantly question whether I’m doing a good job with Bean. I guess I just kind of felt like when I was finally not pregnant and feeling gross and uncomfortable that she would get her Mommy back. And that really isn’t the case.

Everything we do these days seems like a constant rush. Getting frustrated over her slow eating because I’m on a ticking time bomb schedule for how long Sprout can last in the swing. Not being able to give my full attention as she points to everything thing in sight to ask for its name because I’m trying to comfort the baby that won’t stop screaming.

When I put her down for a nap I simultaneously miss her and feel relieved that there is only one tiny person on me, needing me, taking from me.

Yesterday, even with Stephen here, just using the bathroom felt like a luxury.

I knew this would be a challenge. I knew it would be hard. Heck, once I started showing, I couldn’t go anywhere without at least one person commenting that I had or was going to have my hands full. I just don’t think anything could have completely prepared me for what lay ahead.

I know I’ll get through it. I know this is just a season. Everyone in similar predicaments says when the youngest is about two years old they become the best of friends and life is just peachy. Most days, two seems quite a ways off though and I’m counting down the minutes until 6pm when Stephen gets home from work.


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Bean and Sprout

The first meeting of Bean and Sprout didn’t go off completely smoothly. Upon first seeing him, Bean wrinkled her nose into her trademark stinker face and whined.

In her defense, it was nap time. I tried to get some pictures that first day, but they came out quite blurry. I kind of still like them though simply because they are the only documentation of her mood.

She almost cried and said, “No!” a whole bunch before proceeding to flail around in protest…

Then she tried to hit him while saying, “No!”

At that point we decided not to try and push her anymore. Meeting over, downstairs to play, and then back over to Aunt Ruth’s house for the rest of the day.

She is very slowly warming up to him, but we still have to remind her to be gentle and if she’s in a cranky mood, forget it. I did, however, manage to get a few pictures of them this morning and Sprout was not maimed in the process. Progress!


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A few more pictures…


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“You’re still pregnant?!”

As each day goes by I still hear my former OB’s voice in my head (the title of this post) when I walked into his office at 41+4 in all my huge, pregnant glory.

That was a very nerve wracking day as I went from station to station at our medical group wondering if I was going to be given a bunch of chemicals and end up with a c-section by the end of the day.

And maybe then, as now, I should just stop viewing my lack of going into labor on my own as this horrible thing that is going to automatically spiral down into a c-section. I know quite a few of my readers have had them for various reasons and it really isn’t the end of the world or life or anything. So I should probably stop thinking of it like that. And many more of my readers have had successful inductions that did not result in c-sections.

But I really, really want another homebirth. It’s just me.

Anyway, I guess that is sort of a tangent from what I originally sat down to write about in this post.

Yesterday we made a quick trip to Bakersfield (as in drove straight there and turned around and came back) to see my midwife. I’m still growing, baby is still growing, baby is still moving, heartrate is good. She thinks the baby feels around 8lbs which has me a bit worried since I tore with Bean and she was only 7lbs 4oz at birth. I was definitely more dilated than last time (though she didn’t give me an exact number) she saw me, so I guess all these false alarms have at least been doing something.

We talked about the due date and those handy wheels OBs and midwives alike use. I guess one version of the wheel is 40 weeks plus 2 days and another version is 40 weeks. And up until 10 years ago you weren’t even considered past due until you actually hit 42 weeks, which explains to me why my mom’s OBs never gave her a hard time about her crazy cycles and when the baby had to be born by or why Stephen’s mom was allowed to go until 42 weeks with him.

Upon reviewing my fertility chart this morning, I had a very gradual temperature shift that occured between April 4 and 9. Using a simple due date calculator, that puts my due dates between December 26 and 31. So, I could just be as little as 41+4 today or I could be as much as 42+2. And then there is the admittedly inaccurate 20 week ultrasound due date of Jan. 7 which would only make me 40+4 (though a review once again of my chart suggests that there is a very slight possibility that this date works).

Anyway, I’m getting restless and nervous that things are not going to go the way I planned (do they ever?). So, I had my midwife strip my membranes yesterday. I’m sure this might sound slightly shocking to some of you since I’ve seemed so against this idea on here. Really, though I’m not against it, especially in a situation like mine where I’m overdue and I’d like to go into labor as naturally as possible.

I just think that patients have rights including consent and the right to be informed about things that are being done to them. When I was pregnant with Bean, I actually went into my OBs office that day planning to ask him to do just that thing, but for one thing he was making me really mad and uncomfortable because of how that appointment went. I felt intimidated like he thought I was the biggest idiot in the world and now here he was going to get to tell me “I told you so,” and as such I didn’t ever get to the point where I felt like I could even ask him anything. Then, under the guise of doing a normal cervical check he went ahead and did it anyway without asking me or telling me and when I mentioned that it was the most painful and uncomfortable and long check I’d experienced the whole pregnancy he LIED and said that he was checking out the shape of my pelvis. Well after yesterday I am now completely sure that he stripped my membranes because that was exactly what it felt like. Furthermore it isn’t exactly the most comfortable thing to go through, it would be nice to be a little prepared for what’s coming so you can breathe or try to think about something else or any of the other coping mechanisms one might use.

End of rant.

So after that yesterday I was really crampy and then I even started having some fairly intense contractions on the way home (last 20 minutes of our car ride was EXCRUCIATING, I seriously don’t know how you ladies make it to the hospital in full on labor, also something needs to be done about the bumpiness of CA-23). They were 4 minutes apart, getting progressively intense and then they just stopped. Again. And my midwife is probably laughing because she said, “I can do this, but I don’t think it will do anything really. If your body is ready, it is ready. We all have our little things that we think starts labor, but I tend to think it is all just coincidence.”

So if I still haven’t had this baby by Wednesday morning she wants me to call my OBs office (that I haven’t seen since November, for some reason I feel really awkward about that phone call even though things ended on very amicable terms with their office even wishing me the “very best” and to “keep in touch”) and get an NST done and see what he thinks.

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Not so dark and twisty.

A friend is having a baby girl and I wanted to make something. I did not want to buy more yarn though. So I’m pretty happy with the fact that I was able to do this entire project without spending any money. I used scrap yarn leftover from other projects, but it turned out really cute!

Pattern: Garter Stitch Wrap Top by Erika Knight from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies. For the embroidery motif, I used another Erika Knight design, this one from the Short Sleeved Sweater in her Simple Knits for Little Cherubs book.
Yarn: Less than one skein Sirdar Snuggly DK in Lilac (LOVE this yarn! it is so, so, so soft and definitely does not feel like acrylic at all), less than one skein Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo DK in Willow and remnants of Knit Picks Telemark in Cilantro Heather and Sirdar Snuggly DK in Clover for the embroidery.
Needles: US 2 bamboo straights
Size: 0-3 months
Made for: Baby girl Miller
Modifications: I accidentally ran out of the lilac yarn before I could do the other side of the wrap top so I did the other side in the light green color. So, because of the random one side of green I decided to add in the embroidery motif to tie it all in together. I was sort of afraid it wouldn’t look good, but I think I like it better this way than a single solid color.
Started: October 24, 2009
Completed: October 25, 2009


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