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That’s how a pumpkin grows

This week we are learning about pumpkins. We’re a little late since every book, song, resource, etc seems to tie pumpkins to Halloween and Jack-O-Lanterns. Weird when, to me, the most important thing about pumpkins is pie!

Anyway here are some of the resources I found to help us in our learning this week. Sorry homeschooling is taking over the blog right now, but it’s funny that when we actually DO something I feel like I have stuff to blog about.

This is a really cute animation and song about pumpkins.

Yesterday I made a trip to our library and found some pretty good books about pumpkins. These are some of my favorites:

Pumpkin Fiesta by Caryn Yacowitz
I liked this book because it deals with the pumpkin life cycle, introduces a little Spanish and another culture and it has nothing to do with Halloween.

Patty’s Pumpkin Patch by Teri Sloan
I like this one because it integrates the alphabet into the story, the illustrations are beautiful and while it mentions Halloween and Jack-O-Lanterns, it takes the pumpkin concept past that holiday to harvesting seeds for next year’s crop, etc.

Apples and Pumpkins by Anne Rockwell
This one is short and cute, perfect for Sprout’s attention span. It also talks about Halloween, but deals with apples and pumpkins generally too as a part of Autumn.

Today we colored a page with “p is for pumpkin” and circled the Ps we saw on the page. Then we made this pumpkin life cycle craft.







*Edited to add: Today I discovered something else I like about homeschooling. While you may not be able to tell from the pictures, both kids are sick. They’ve got croup. Mostly it is just making sleep interesting around here. During the day they have plenty of energy and craziness. Bean is likely going to be missing all of her regularly scheduled classes because of it. What I discovered today is that even though we’re sickies and basically quarantined for the week, we can still learn, have fun, create, get out our energy and have a plan for the day. I’m not going crazy because they are not going crazy with boredom. Of course if it was truly debilitating sickness, we’d stop, but for the most part I’ve found my kids handle sickness well unless they’re really, really sick. Our main reason for quarantine is for the benefit of everyone else and not sharing our germs. So even though we stayed home sick our day was pretty jam packed.

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Hand and finger print trees

This was another idea I saw on Pinterest.



We used tempera paint to do the handprint trunk of the tree, green watercolor paint for the grass and stamp pads for the finger print leaves.

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Glue leaf watercolor paintings

This idea I saw from another friend’s pin on Pinterest. It totally went well with the whole fall and leaves theme we were doing. Basically you draw in glue, let it dry and watercolor over it.



Sprout’s originally had a lot more colors and definition between colors, but in the end he got a little crazy and knocked the brush rinse water cup all over his. Big mess. Just par for the course around here today.

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There’s a couple of scarecrows at my breakfast table this morning


Top left: Sprout
Top right: Bean
Bottom: Bean waving her mask

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Fall wreaths made from nature walk scavenging

This afternoon when the kids got up from their naps we made some fall wreaths with stuff they found on their nature walk. I love how each one is unique and Sprout’s has sticks because he is obsessed with sticks.



I got this idea from one of the many home preschool sites that I’ve been scouring lately for ideas. They suggested using a paper plate and cutting out the center, but I didn’t have any paper plates. So I traced some of my dishes (a salad plate and a smaller bowl) onto card stock and cut it out to make the wreath base. I put a bunch of glue on the wreath base and then let the kids pick what items from their bags they wanted to put on there and where. I added more glue on top of leaves as needed for additional layers. Then I glued the bows on at the end.

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Fall morning nature walk














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And then I decided to try homeschooling again

I keep going back and forth on the idea of homeschooling. I want to do it and then I don’t. I think it’s the best idea in general terms, but then when I contemplate my personal situation, it doesn’t always seem so.

I get frustrated about little things at the Parks & Rec Preschool like yesterday when Bean’s snack consisted of a cupcake and Halloween candy because there was a birthday and it was the day after Halloween. Or the bully/ADD kid that shouted the f-word at another kid in my presence while I was dropping Jillian off one day. Or Sprout’s naps getting ruined by the car trips to and from class.

Part of me also thinks our days could use a little discipline and routine instead of craziness and no plan.

Inspiration hit at 10:30pm last night and then next thing you know I’m picking out free printables and making up a mini lesson for the day.

Fall word flash cards

Coloring and cut and paste pages

Both kids coloring together

So this morning we started off talking about Fall and the leaves. The kids colored a leaf printable while I made breakfast. On our drive to ballet we pointed out all the trees changing colors and the leaves falling and being blown by the wind.

When we got home the kids colored their scarecrow parts while I nursed and changed Henry. Then we assembled them together and talked about the scarecrow’s parts.

Then we went over our fall words flash cards and read What Happens in the Autumn.

So far it was a successful first day. I really like that Sprout isn’t left out. He hates leaving sister when we drop her off at school. He has so badly been wanting to do all the same stuff as her.

I’m doing this as another trial run. I’ll still keep her in class for now. Or maybe we’ll just keep doing both.


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