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25 weeks…

OK, I am officially huge. And I still have 15ish weeks to go. AAAAaaaaah!

Do you see my awful hair? Well, I took my crunchy, no-makeup self to Sephora and got their advice and they said to try this wave defining spray. It is supposed to define the waves without giving me the hard hold 90s gelled out perm look and control the frizz without making my head a grease ball. At $25 a bottle the stuff better work.

Also, do you see my belly button sticking out!? First of all the thing is way the heck down there and second of all that did not happen with Bean until somewhere around the last few weeks of pregnancy. Very weird. And now I kind of want to get some of those belly button hider things that Megan blogged about a really long time ago.

So, in other words, it is possible to be a little vain and be crunchy granola. The end.


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37 weeks and nursery stuff

This is my belly at 37 weeks:

So tired of being pregnant today. Belly was getting in the way when I was trying to do stuff. I could barely waddle around the stores we had to go to today.

Had some mild low cramping after our shopping expedition. Stephen freaked out about it and made me call our midwife. She basically said it could be nothing or it could turn into something and to go home, rest and drink plenty of water. The cramp went away about 2 minutes after I got off the phone with her. I laid down for an hour, drank a bottle of water and felt fine.

Kind of is surreal to me that this little girl could show up any time at this point.

Anyway, we made a little more progress on her room this weekend. We got the closet system installed, I bought a bunch of baskets from World Market and filled them with all her stuff. I can’t believe such a small person has so much stuff!

These baskets will go in the changing table that Stephen’s sister is giving us. They’re filled with all kinds of diapering goodies already:

This is the closet system with all the baskets and clothes in:

Next weekend we’re going to get the chair rail done and set up the crib. Well, you know, provided I don’t go into labor early or anything.

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36 weeks

She’s definitely dropped a little. We did some shopping today and there was so much weight and pressure on my pelvis.

My stripe idea for the nursery is a flop. Our walls are far too textured for it to work properly. The tape just can’t stop the paint from bleeding. Plus it kind of looks like a circus tent. So we’ve narrowed it down to the lighter brown and pink for above and below the chair rail. We’re going to try and get it done tomorrow.

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35 weeks… sorry I’m late!

Before my shower on Saturday (35 weeks!), my very good friend Marissa (OTIS grad!) came and took some “professional” photos of us to officially document the pregnancy.

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34 weeks…

Tomorrow I’ll officially be 34 weeks, but since the day’s activities include cleaning, cleaning, painting, and did I mention cleaning? I doubt I’ll be looking picture perfect. Today Stephen’s coworkers are throwing us a little baby shower so I’m off to that in a few minutes.

No updates on the homebirth situation just yet. Will post when I have some news to share.

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33 weeks tomorrow…

Saturdays have not been good days for me lately, appearance wise. Either we’re doing work around the house and I’m in yucky clothes. Or I’m feeling sick and I’m in yucky clothes. So I decided to do my belly shot one day early this week.

I have a prenatal massage session in an hour and I’m really excited about it.

Karen is really sweet. She goes to our church. Every week she tells me that my bump is “so cute” and asks how I’m doing or feeling. I knew she was a massage therapist, but since I’ve been getting massages at my chiropractor that our insurance covers I just never asked her about getting a massage. Well last week she’s like, “Are you getting massages?” And I was like, “Well sorta. I get them at my chiropractor, but they’re being all funny about it because I’m in my third trimester now. They won’t massage my lower back or adjust it either so I haven’t been going for about a month.” So then she said, “Why? That’s just weird.” I told her they were afraid it would set off labor. So then she says, “I want to give you a massage. I’m certified in prenatal massage and you need your lower back massaged the most during this period.” So I was all about it and we set up an appointment right there.

So that pretty much will probably be the most exciting thing about today.

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32 weeks

I almost made it two whole weeks without throwing up. Last time was at the 30 week mark when I barfed dinner. Well then this morning I barfed breakfast and almost lost my lunch. So I took an extra dose of medicine this afternoon and knocked out for awhile even though there was major construction going on in the same room. I almost didn’t even do a picture, but I’m feeling a little better this evening and figured I might as well keep up with the belly shots.

Only 8 more weeks till my due date. I think I can do this.

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31 weeks

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30 weeks

Feeling really nauseaus and tired today. Ran out of my medicine last night so that’s part of it I guess. I’ll be picking some up at the pharmacy in a few.

Only 70 days or 10 more weeks till my due date.

It is going to be so much better when she’s actually here.

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18 weeks

This picture took several attempts. I was going to try something a little different and go outside, but it was so bright out there that the dress blended into my skin and we both blended into the porch. So then I tried a few inside, but I was having a hard time smiling properly. This was the best picture of them all as far as lighting and the ability to see the actual bump, but I look like a deer in headlights so I cropped my head off. Hopefully I’ll eventually have a good picture of me with the bump and smiling. This will just have to do for this week.

The baby has been moving like crazy this past week. At first it was cool and now it gets kind of annoying. I don’t know if anyone else has felt like that. It just feels so weird and it goes on for so long that I want to just say, “Alright already! You can move. I get it!” Stephen tried to feel it last night and thinks there were a couple of things he felt, but he wasn’t sure.

I’m still feeling sick in the mornings from time to time. Yesterday was a bad morning. It makes it really hard to take my thyroid medicine when I feel that way. It is still a huge improvement over where I was though and I’m in no danger of needing IVs or going to the ER. Usually if I just get sick in the morning and get it over with I’m fine for the rest of the day. Taking one of my medicines right before bed also helps the next morning to go much smoother.

Well, that’s about it. I’m off to a bridal shower now.

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