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An engineer in the making

Stephen and I often joke that he should have been the comm major and I should have been the engineer. As a kid I was obsessed with K’Nex, Leggos, these castle blocks my mom found somewhere, Lincoln Logs and other similar toys. I remember playing with these well into junior high and even pulling them out a few times in high school. Stephen says he was never really into stuff like that.

I bought Bean this big LittlePeople school bus that came with some giant Leggo-like blocks. Lately it has been her favorite toy. The last couple of days she also has gotten a kick out of climbing in the school bus/wagon too, but we have to make sure she’s not in a crazy, bouncing-off-the-walls mood or she’ll bounce and tip right out of it.

This is the first picture I’ve seen of her where I actually think she looks like Stephen and not me for a change.


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A contest…

So I see all these little contests always going on around the blog-o-sphere. I’ve wanted to have one so bad, but me buying stuff to give away randomly just doesn’t really work into our budget.

Anyway, with all these little babies popping out and my having tons of extra quilt squares I figured out that I have the PERFECT give away item for a contest.

You, yes you, could be the owner of a couple rad little jingly soft blocks for your little guy or girl (I’m pretty sure I have enough neutral/boy colored fabric for a boy version).

Bean loves these things because they are easy to grasp, they jingle and she can throw them pretty far. I think other babies will love them too.

So, all you have to do if you want to win some blocks is leave a comment saying the following:

1. How long you’ve been reading my blog.
2. Why.
3. Where you are from (optional).
4. Specify boy or girl.

The contest will close one week from today at which point I will randomly draw names or put the comments through a randomizer or something. I look forward to hearing from you!


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