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Thank you for your concern

Dear blog readers,

Thank you for your expressions of concern regarding a couple of my posts.

Just wanted to clarify a couple things:

1. I did not almost die a few hours after giving birth to Sparrow.

It was a scary situation in the moment, but there really was nothing wrong with me.

The ER doctor diagnosed me with a Vasovagal response.

Among people with vasovagal episodes, the episodes are typically recurrent, usually happening when the person is exposed to a specific trigger. Prior to losing consciousness, the individual frequently experiences a prodrome of symptoms such as lightheadedness, nausea, the feeling of being extremely hot (accompanied by sweating), ringing in the ears (tinnitus), uncomfortable feeling in the heart, fuzzy thoughts, a slight inability to speak/form words (sometimes combined with mild stuttering), weakness and visual disturbances such as lights seeming too bright, fuzzy or tunnel vision, and sometimes a feeling of nervousness can occur as well. These last for at least a few seconds before consciousness is lost (if it is lost), which typically happens when the person is sitting up or standing… Typical triggers for vasovagal episodes include: Any painful or unpleasant stimuli, such as: trauma, watching or experiencing medical procedures; sudden onset of extreme emotions;
lack of sleep…

Thank you Wikipedia.

And yes we still stand by our decision to homebirth.

2. I am not depressed.

In my not doing everything better post I was simply trying to convey that we shouldn’t spread ourselves too thin and there is great freedom in figuring out what it is you really should be putting your efforts towards.

Are there overwhelming days? Yes. I am not perfect and I have three under three. Today was one of those days.

But I am managing everything pretty well, I think. We’re getting out of the house, we’re doing stuff, we are living life. I love my kids and am happy where I am at. No regrets.

Love you guys!


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