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Boy or girl?

This baby is a complete mystery to me.

Bean’s prediction is strongly for girl. This moring: “Where is my little sister? I want to see her! I want to make something for her.” She always refers to the baby as little sister.

I, on the other hand, feel like I am not even allowed to go there and get excited about the possiblity of another girl. After my “meltdown” last time, I don’t want to be disappointed.

Not that boys are bad. Sprout is great and sweet and I love him, obviously. It’s just hard to explain.

I’ve been waaay less sick, so maybe that means boy. But they also say it gets easier morning sickness wise each pregnancy. Like your body gets used to it. Or at least my mom said one time to me that it did. But sometimes she remembers things differently from time to time. So her opinion may have changed if I ask her about it again.

The heart beats per minute myth is also a mystery at this point. At all my appointments up until the halfway mark this baby was in the 150-160s which is the “girl” heartbeat range. Bean was always in this range. But the last couple appointments the baby has been in the 130s, which is the “boy” heartbeat range, which is what Sprout always was.

I don’t feel like I am carrying this kid any different. My cravings and aversions aren’t different. Although the Sour Patch Kids candy phase didn’t last nearly as long this time as it did with the other two.

At the ultrasound appointment with the backup OB he made us close our eyes at the beginning until he knew what he was looking at and could safely navigate away from that area. Then he said, “OK, you can open your eyes. I saw the bbb-ladder. Oh, haha, you guys thought I was going to say ‘boy’ didn’t you?” So then I’m like. OK, does that mean it is a boy, but then if it was why would you joke that it was? Or is that just his standard joke to parents not wanting to find out what they are having?

Then there was the whole thing in the ER with the ultrasound tech which turned out to be the umbilical cord.

So I don’t know.

What do you think? Because it is fun to speculate. I’ve got until August to wait this thing out.


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