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Panda Bear Nurse

Breastfeeding (and pumping breastmilk) has made quite the impression on Bean, I think.

In her own words:

“Panabear nursing”

“[Bean] punking (pumping)”

“Panabear dink it. Milk. Mmmm yummy!”


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In the course of editing tonight, Stephen and I haveĀ been discussingĀ our job to protect our daughter as much as possible. So in that, we don’t think that her real name should be used here any longer. She will henceforth be referred to on the blog as “Bean”. I am going to go back and moderate comments that refer to her by her real name and before returning my old posts to public status I will be editing those as well. Please respect our decision and use Bean in the future instead of her name both on your personal blogs and in the comments section here. If you do make a slip up here in the comments section I will just be editing your comment prior to approval. Thanks!

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