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Twenty (seven) pieces update

Just thought I’d write a little update about my Twenty (seven) Pieces adventure. Since writing my last post I replaced my Joe’s (but I may still try an alteration a friend sent me on them) with some straight leg jeans from American Eagle (they redesigned them with a higher waistline in the back) and altered one of my dresses to be more of a longer shirt/dress/blouse so that I can continue wearing it even while breastfeeding.

I used an iPhone app called Style Book to give you a better glimpse into my closet and to document for myself that I do actually own clothes (something I tend to forget when they are in the laundry). Here goes:




And here are some of my favorite/typical looks:









Overall, I’m pretty pleased with what I have worked my way down to. These are the clothes I pretty much only wore as it was. The other stuff was just taking up space in my closet and rarely got pulled out.

We’ve also been taking the 20 pieces concept beyond our clothes. I recently cleaned out my kitchen and got rid of a bunch of tools, pans, etc that like the clothes in my former closet, were just sitting there cluttering up my cabinets and falling out on me when I went to grab stuff I actually used on a regular basis.

A bunch of kitchen stuff out of my cupboards and bagged up for friends and my sister.

My much more organized and simplified shelves. Everything easy to get to. Before the purge this was jumbled top to bottom with kitchen items and no order to it. I pulled one thing out and several other things went sliding and falling out on me. It was a mess.

Having less stuff is so much nicer than I ever thought it would be. Having a few favorite, well-made pieces is so much more preferable to mounds of things I never or hardly ever use. It has also been nice to bless others with our extras. My sister just got back from a year long stint in South Korea and she needed kitchen stuff. A couple friends are having babies and they were happy to have the clothes my kids had outgrown or rarely wore.

In my case, the old adage, “‘Tis better to give than receive,” certainly holds true.

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Fall Fashion Week – Saturday

Thermal – Target
Jeans – AE straights
Flats – Target
Headband – me

Emery’s blog has all the other fall fashions.

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Fall Fashion Week -Friday

I have two outfits today. One was for my earlier public appearances at the pediatrician’s office (again!!!), Target for prescription, and the natural food store for immune system boosters.

I am so over my little guy being sick! It is ruining what used to be my favorite season. Last night the poor guy puked for two hours straight and none of us slept well after that.

Wait. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, fashion. My other outfit is what I will really be wearing for the rest if the day.

So here goes, outfit one:

Nursing tank – Target, $16
V-neck tee -Target, $8
Belt – Target, $14
Wrap – Target, ??
Leggings – Target, ??
Bronze flats – Target, bridesmaid gift from my sister
Skirt – me, it is the basic yoke skirt from Free Style Handmade Bags & Skirts.

Here’s the thing about that skirt. It doesn’t really fit me. I recently read the “how to use this book” and “before you get started” sections of this book (better late than never?) and discovered that all the skirts in the book are “the standard size four” which is about two sizes too small for me. I can wear it high waisted, but after a couple hours I am over it. It is uncomfortable. So the skirt has pretty much been sitting in the back of my closet ever since I made it.

So this is my secondary outfit which is much more comfortable:

Basically I just lost the wrap and skirt. Honestly, I will probably loose the belt too. I refuse to buy into the new trend of tights/leggings outside the house as a replacement for pants. But since the rest of my day consists of catching up on sleep and possibly dealing with more projectile vomit, I think I can get away with it around here.

For more fall fashion fun, check out Emery’s blog.

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Fall Fashion Week – Thursday

My picture comes to you today curtesy of the Ventura pier and my sister.

I am wearing my new Daisy Shoppe dress. Thanks again Auntie Linda, love it!

AE Straight Jeans again. Old moccasin loafers from Target. Socks from GAP.

Headband is Calorimetry that I knit forever ago when I used to work downtown and spend my lunch breaks at the knit shop.

Necklace was my first Mother’s Day present a couple years ago from some Etsy shop that I can’t recall just now.

Go check out the other fashions on Emery’s blog

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Fall Fashion Week – Wednesday

This is me justifying my costume purchases (denoted with a *) as legitimate parts of my wardrobe.

Green tunic, Target clearance $8 *
Bottoms: AE Straight Jeans, $40

Bird necklace, Target clearance, $4 *

Shoes: Nine & Company, purchased at Khols so long ago I can’t remember how much they were.

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The October Daily, 10/18

I pulled out our next batch of handmedowns last night. We have been so blessed by friends and family in that we have hardly had to buy any clothes for our kids. I spent the day doing laundry and going through the closet to make room for all the “new” fall stuff.

Bean obviously has a mountain of clothes as usual (right) and Sprout has a pretty good pile too (left).

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Lacey Wrap Cardigan

I’m a busty sort of girl. And I hate it.

Pretty ridiculous and slightly hilarious when you consider that many women are willing to undergo painful and costly surgery to get what I have naturally occuring.

I think all women have body issues and this is just one of mine. So while some girls complain about not being able to fill tops out properly, I complain about filling them out far too much. The grass is always greener, isn’t it?

I’m a pretty modest girl, you see, and so I don’t really want to go out into public with several inches of cavernous cleavage spilling out and begging to be stared at. It’s embarassing to me.

Button up shirts and sweaters, in particular, are Enemy No. 1 around here. They aren’t designed with girls like me in mind. The results are pulling and gaping that just isn’t pretty.

As such, I’ve been thrilled to bits with all these lacey, flowy, wrap-style open front cardigans that have been cropping up everywhere.

Anthropologie’s Cold Rush Cardigan

Anthropologie’s Jet Stream Cardigan

Target’s Mossimo Black Drape Front Cardigan 

Urban Outfitters’ Kimchi Blue Floral Bouquet Cardigan

I’ve already got three in my closet. They are so versitile and can easily be paired with belts and ties to flatter your figure or worn loosely to cover up the parts of you that need some forgiveness.

The thing with stuff like this is you can never have too many. I decided I wanted to design and knit one myself that would be just the right color with just the right details.

I’m so pleased with the results and hope you are too. The pattern is included below the pictures if you would like to create one for yourself. Hopefully you can understand me, if not leave a comment and I’ll try to help you out. Happy knitting!

Lacey Wrap Cardigan Pattern
Size: One size fits most
Needles: US 5
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine in color 1214, I used 2 skeins, but if you want to make this longer or wider you may need more.

Sleeves and Body Upper
Cast on 89 stitches

Work in seed stitch for 7 rows.
Row 8 (WS): Purl across
Row 9 (RS): K1, work row 1 of lace pattern across

Row 10 (WS): Work row 2 of lace pattern to last stitch, p1

Work the 10 rows of the lace pattern 5 times, keeping the first stitch on the right side in stocking stitch.

Rows 59-63: Work in stocking stitch.

Row 64: BO 44 sts, purl to end.

Continue working in stocking stitch over remaining stitches until piece measures 8 inches from cast off edge, ending with a WS row.

Next row (RS): Knit to end, cast on 44 sts using the thumb loop method.

Work 5 rows in stocking stitch.

Next row (RS): K1, knit row one of lace pattern across repeating to end.

Work 10 rows of lace pattern 5 times total as for other sleeve.

Work 6 rows seed stitch, BO all stitches in pattern.

Fold over sleeves and seam 4 inches in from cast on/off edges. You should have a little bit of a flap leftover on both sides which make up the right and left fronts of the piece.

With right side facing, pick up a stitch along the bottom of left front, back, and right front. Work in stocking stitch until desired length (mine was 12 inches from the pick up).

Next work lace pattern across bottom. Do five repeats of the rows of lace just as for sleeves. Work 6 rows in seed stitch, BO all stitches in pattern.

Pick up desired number of stitches along the fronts and neck (I am not providing a number because I hate when patterns specify a number on a section like this and it makes my collar either ruffly or too tight, you’ve got to figure out what looks best for you) and work in seed stitch to desired width (I did it until I ran out of yarn) then BO all stitches in pattern.


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Sew, sew, sew…

I’ve been sewing it up lately. I am really loving sewing because of the instant gratification factor. I can cut out a pattern and have it pretty much done in 1-2 days, sometimes even 1-2 hours.

So here are all my projects:

This was the first one. I love the maxi dresses that are everywhere right now, but I am super short so they all drag. Come summertime most fabric stores have this fabric that is already gathered with elastic at the top as you see here so you just have to do a single seam, hem and you are pretty much done. I decided to put in a couple darts on the side so the dress would fit me a little better and I didn’t hem it. I figure this was probably meant to come just under the knee on most adults, but it hits right at the ankle for me which is perfect.

That project really got me on a sewing clothes kick.

I had bought a bunch of fat quarters from a local quilt shop with a gift card I got last year for my birthday. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them, but I loved them all and loved that all the fabrics went so well together. After a bit of pondering and experimenting I decided that I wanted to make a patchwork skirt. I found the book, Free-Style Handmade Bags & Skirts, which has a bunch of basic skirt and bag patterns. After making a panel of patchwork I used the pattern pieces to cut out the skirt shape for the Basic Yoke Skirt. Then I cut a second set out in a solid fabric to line the back of the patchwork top and create a border at the bottom as well as the yoke in the solid color.

Here’s a blurry picture of me with it on:

I was so excited when I finished it that I put it on right away even though it was 11pm and I had no where to go. Also, note the fact that I was wearing a sweater in JULY! It has been so drizzly and cold here lately. I love it though so I am not complaining.

Here is a non-blurry picture of the skirt:

I have been slightly afraid that it borders on being a crazy craft lady project, but I think as long as I stick with good fabrics and don’t go overboard with the patchwork projects I will be okay.

Next up my nieces are having a combined birthday party this weekend and I decided to make them a couple dresses.

My original plan was to make two of these dresses, one for each girl, just because they are so simple, but then I fell in love with some other fabric and found the perfect pattern for it to make my other neice.

This is “Inspired by Project Runway” Simplicity Pattern 3510. I kind of thought the whole Project Runway materials inside the pattern were pretty dumb. They marketed it like, “you get to be the designer just like on the show.” Um, well, the whole point of making your own dress from any pattern or not is that you get to be the designer to a certain extent and make your own little customizations or not. I also felt like the pattern instructions flowed in a very disjointed way. Most patterns also have numbering information that help you figure things out like how much fabric you will need depending on which version you are going to make and this one didn’t. I wound up buying an entire yard of each of the fabrics just because I was having a really hard time figuring out how much fabric I would need. I’ve done patterns before, I learned how to read this information in 4-H. So, in other words, I am not dumb and I am slightly experienced and even I had trouble with this. I can’t imagine being some random person watching the show and deciding to sew for the first time using one of these patterns. I think I would give up pretty quickly.

Alright, enough ranting. Hope you enjoy my projects. I’ve been sketching out about a million new design ideas and can’t wait to try them out! I may never buy clothes again.


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Spring Fashion Week – Sunday

Dress – Target, bought for Easter
Sweater – Old Navy, handmedown
Shoes – Target, handmedown

Happy Easter!


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Spring Fashion Week – Saturday

Bean wasn’t too kean on me taking her picture this morning, she kept running away saying, “Nooo!”

Hooded Sweater – Old Navy. Saw it on clearance there while I was still pregnant with Bean and HAD to have it.
Cords – Old Navy handmedown
Shoes – Old Navy Christmas Gift
Shirt – Old Navy handmedown


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