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Fun times

Wednesday was my 28th birthday. First thing I thought when I woke up? I have to call Andrea and see what she’s doing. She had hinted at going to an aquarium a few days before and that sounded like fun to me.

I found out she was indeed headed to The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach that morning with her boy, so I asked if we could crash her party. So much fun! This was a really great aquarium and the admission price can’t be beat.

Our kids were glued to these tanks. So much to see!

Sea horses!

Bean is shaking her buns at the shark tank and singing, “Come and bite me, come and bite me, come and bite me now!” I don’t know where she comes up with this stuff.

The jellies are always fun to look at.

A King Crab. Bean kept calling all the crabs sea spiders.

The kids didn’t really like the idea of being stuck in their strollers.

Our weekend also wound up being pretty packed. Started off with some morning snuggles for Bean and Sparrow which is part of our morning routine most days.


Then our older kids had haircuts with our favorite stylist.



And then I made sauce. My grandma’s recipe, but totally from scratch (all raw and fresh, organic ingredients) and I left out all the meat.


The next day we decided to be a little spontaneous after church. So we drove north on the 101. We stopped off in Santa Maria first so that the newest cousins could meet.

Just a couple months apart, we are sure these boys are going to have many adventures and times of mischief together when the family gathers, just like Stephen and Jon (his dad) did growing up.

And here are five of the seven Wuertz great grandchildren:


After our visit we headed just a little further north to partake in our favorite clam chowder as a belated celebration for my birthday.


And a short walk around town before heading back home.


And we’ll just end there on a positive note because the five hour epic car torture session does not need to be relived.

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My sister had her baby boy Feb. 12 (exactly 4 weeks after Sprout was born). A homebirth just like me with the same midwife. She had a perfect Bradley birth and her friend/coach said that she makes labor look good. I am so proud of her.

I finally got to go up and see her and the new little guy this weekend. We both agreed that we are going to have a couple of lady killers on our hands later on down the road, but we’re just the biased mommies. Judge for yourself…


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I’m surviving!

I told my sister-in-law before she left that I was actually kind of excited about this whole babysitting thing because it would give me tons of stuff to do. Have there been disgruntled siblings? Of course. Have there been missed potty accidents to clean up? Mmmhmmm. While it can be a little challenging (especially when a certain 5 year old thinks she’s the one actually in charge), it has really been a lot of fun.

For one thing, at night when I make dinner it actually makes my life a little easier because I have two wonderful entertainers for Bean. Usually, I either have a really fussy baby confined to her walker/high chair or I am picking up and carrying her out of the kitchen and over to her toys every five minutes.

My sister-in-law is one of the most organized people I know, so that has made my life especially easy. Everything is outlined perfectly for me in a very neat schedule complete with tips for various activities and outings.

Furthermore, she’s got a great network of friends and family so the girls are also hanging out with tons of other people throughout the vacation. It always seems like just when I’m getting sick of another round of “negotiations” over whether or not to play dress up, we’re off to the next activity or the girls are off to spend time with someone else.

Yesterday I took the girls to the beach for a couple hours and they had so much fun running from the waves, chasing seagulls and playing in the sand.

So I think we’ll definitely be doing this activity again sometime next week.

And then today “Lizzie” had her first soccer game.

We walked to the park, which I realized was somewhat of a mistake after I was already there, completely out of breath and having some serious Braxton Hicks. So I called up Stephen to work out having him pick us up sometime after the game in the van. He finished up work, drove out to Simi to get our AH veggies, stopped by the house to get our van, then met us at the park. In the meantime, we further supported the AYSO by eating lunch from the concession stand. Then we killed more time on the playground equipment.

Oh and my youngest niece, “Half-pint” is completely fearless, by the way:

She was even trying to jump into the sand pit from fairly high up on the equipment (NO!!!) and do those big hanging ring/monkey bar things at one point. When I took her to gymnastics yesterday, the coach was telling me about this one time that she climbed up the fire-escape ladder on the side of the giant industrial complex that houses all their equipment. The extended park time was great though because Half-pint took a two and a half hour nap when we got back. Yes!


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