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Fast food

This is sick, but this is usually how pregnancy goes for me. I could probably survive the rest of the pregnancy on these things:

1) Baja Fresh Nachos. No meat. Black beans. Easy on the pico.

2) Chipotle Burrito Bol. No meat. Rice. Black Beans. Tiny bit of pico. Sour Cream. Cheese. Lettuce. Guac.

3) McDonalds 6 piece chicken nugget happy meal with sweet and sour sauce, apple dippers and a milk.

4) In N Out Double Double with grilled onions, fries and a root beer.

That pretty much sums up the entirety of what I want to eat these days. I know it isn’t super healthy. I know fast food is expensive. Those are the only things that sound good right now though. Everything else makes me want to gag.


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15 weeks 2 days

On and off through all four years of high school I was a vegetarian. I took a brief break for couple years and then I read Fast Food Nation and once again found myself meat free for about 2 years.

In all the years of being a vegetarian it was never because I abhored the taste of meat. Well I take that back… initially it was because I got tired of eating beef or pork every night whenever we slaughtered one of our ranch animals. But there was also the part of actually seeing those animals killed that really bothered me. There’s nothing like seeing blood pour from the slit neck of a defenseless being to turn you off to the practice of meat eating.

I eventually got over that, especially once I learned to cook my own meals and experiment with recipes. Then, after reading Fast Food Nation I once again could not bring myself to eat meat because I was afraid of what might be in it based on the accounts of our nation’s slaughterhouses that are found in the book.

After a couple weeks of being vegetarian though I’d always go back to craving meat. It was when these cravings became unbearable that I usually gave in and either cheated a little or gave up the practice altogether.

To completely detest the idea of meat, the taste of it, etc. was really weird these last couple months. I mean, I’ve always liked rice and beans, but not that much.

So today when I had a craving for one of these:

I knew that everything was definitely going back to normal. I even drove halfway across town just to sink my teeth into one today.

Craving In-N-Out cheeseburgers was something I expected from my pregnancy, losing 14lbs and the rest of it was not.

It’s good to be normal again.

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1. Throwing up: It happened 3 times yesterday morning, but each time I didn’t let myself just get into the cycle. I kept trying to eat stuff and it payed off. Later that afternoon and evening I stopped throwing up.

2. Cravings: I had a huge craving for corn bread yesterday. So Stephen bought some Marie Callendar’s mix at the store yesterday and that has been staying down better than crackers even.

3. Medicines: The combination of Zofran and Phenergan together is working much better than just one or the other apart. It wasn’t just that I kept trying to eat stuff yesterday, I took a Zofran in the afternoon in addition to my Phenergan. This is what my doctor wanted me to do, but I thought that since the Zofran hadn’t been working it just wasn’t worth it. I was wrong.

4. Some ‘kooky’ advice worked: On one of the pregnancy message boards I found, there was a lady who said that it helped if she set her alarm for 3 a.m., took her medicine, ate a little snack and drank something sweet. When I read this I thought it was the most ridiculous thing I’d ever heard. Well I tried it last night and it helped a lot. I think yesterday part of my problem was that my blood sugar had dropped really low overnight so I started the day out feeling crappy. This morning I’m a little nauseated, but a little nibble of cornbread helped and I think I’m going to be OK.

5. Sour taste: I still have the sour taste in my mouth even without the Gatorade. It’s just always there, like I’m sucking on an indefinitely long-lasting piece of sour candy. I brush, use mouthwash, suck on mints, etc. and it just doesn’t go away. Ugh!

6. Smells and some sounds are overwhelming: I’ve never noticed people’s breath before, but I can be four feet away and still smell it. This is making sharing a bed very difficult. However, Ruth and Cara’s citrus smelling tip is working. The fresh smell makes me feel a little better. Sounds are enough to make me sick now too. Stephen belched yesterday from across the room and the sound nearly made me throw up. His excuse for not being embarassed by said belch is that seeing me throw up numerous times in the past two weeks has brought us to a new level of closeness in our relationship. Another sound is from the dogs. They have a tendency to lick their chops and one another right after a meal and this licking sound makes my stomach churn every time.

7. No weekend hospital trip so far: Yay!

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So far so good…

Nothing is going to make me feel completely better. I just have to eat. There’s no way around it. So for now its nibbling on crackers and fruit. A little sugar in my Smart Water.

My stomach is still making grumbling noises and doesn’t feel that great, but it’s better than spending the weekend in the hospital.

Also it’s just a huge relief to not have to worry about going to work. Today was supposed to be my official last day, but with the exception of Tuesday to clean my desk out and share all my sources with my boss, I’ve taken the week off. No guilt, no worries.

I also have a weird craving right this moment for some Chef Boyardee Ravioli. And SpaghettiO’s.
Mind you I don’t think it would be a good idea to actually put this stuff into my body. I just crave it right now. It’s completely out of left field.

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