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Bean gets a room all her own

Well with a third on the way we were not going to be cramming all three kids into one room just so we could maintain a craft and guest room. Especially since we use the guest room for guests about five times a year at the max.

So we got rid of the queen bed in there (given to some friends about to become newly weds) moved in a full size futon we got from Stephen’s sister to become Bean’s new bed and room.

My friends came Thursday to pick up the bed and they moved the futon up there too. Bean had to take a nap in there that afternoon as soon as it was in place. She was so excited about her new big bed!

We did some rearranging that night when Stephen got home, he was pretty inspired and ready to get going at this point. The bulk of the purging, reorganizing and rearranging was done yesterday.

I also made up some art for Bean’s room based on some that I saw at Target. Only this uses scrap fabric from her quilt and so coordinates perfectly with her bedding. The sheets we got also came in a little matching fabric bag so I was able to cut that up and incorporate it into the art too.

I cut fabric into shapes to make up larger objects like the owls and trees and I also cut out flowers and birds from the quilt fabrics to use in the art.

I covered some canvasses I already was using as decor in that room with quilt batting (so the old design wouldn’t show thru) and then the fabric. I’ve always thought of hot gluing things as kind of half assed (sorry for the language, but that really is the best way to put it), but I think in the case of something like this where in a few years she will out grow it and something that isn’t going to get a lot of wear and tear being up out of reach on the wall, it is fine for. Plus I just wanted to get it done and really couldn’t think of a better way.

I printed up a page of inspiration images including old blog logos and screen captures of the art that Target had.

This is about midway thru the project. Bean and I worked on this one together after her nap one day. In the upper left corner you can see what the old canvasses looked like.

So excited about her new room.

The owls which are pretty much a rip off of the Target piece. I even traced the owls from her Target Pillow to do them.

I made this one last night while Bean was asleep. This morning she came out of her room and said, “There’s a tree with apples in my new room!” The apples are from apple fabric I used in her quilt, the birds are also from her quilt fabric, and the flowers too.

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The October Daily, 10/27

Busted out the fall decorations yesterday just in time for the preschool Halloween party.

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Eye Candy Friday: It’s Christmas once more…

First of all, thank you blog buddies for helping me in my Christmas card decision. We did wind up going with the “First Christmas” design. I did change the wording around a bit though and I discovered a grammatical dilema in the process. I was trying to figure out what the correct plural form of “Wuertz” is. The Internet was of no help. Tons of debate on the subject. Apparently some people think it is Wuertz’ and some people thing it is Wuertzes. And basically what I gathered is that it is a matter of preference though most people prefer the “es” because the apostrophe makes you think it is possessive. Well, we went with the apostrophe. And I’ve been fretting about it ever since because I’m like an actual¬†writer and was an editor and stuff, so I should know this. (Way to show off my grammatical skillz with that last sentence, eh?) Yeah, when I showed Stephen the card he actually gasped because he thought that the apostrophe was wrong and that made me fret even more. Oh well, cards are printed, paid for, and sealed in their envelopes now so there’s nothing much we can do about it.

I’m proud of myself because I got all my Christmas shopping done in one day. Go me! Things were a little crazy yesterday, but I got it all done even if we did wind up eating Carl’s for dinner instead of the pizza I had planned to make.

Things are looking very much like Christmas around here now and it smells heavenly thanks to the rosemary “tree” I bought yesterday. We’d been planning to put one in our backyard anyway so I figured it was the perfect solution.

This reminds me of a little tangent story. So a few years ago when I was working at the news station someone sent our news director a rosemary tree for Christmas.¬†I watched for weeks as the thing sat in his office dying a slow death because he didn’t water it. Just when it was at the brink of being able to be brought back to life with a little water I contemplated going in there and saying, “Sir, if you don’t want the rosemary tree, I’d love to have it for my garden. I use fresh rosemary in my cooking all the time.” But I was too chicken (with good reason) and I didn’t. My friend Megan and I were so sad about it.

Anyway, I now am the proud owner of my very own rosemary tree. It was on sale at Target ($10, normally $20) too. Stephen thought it was funny when he saw it and laughed when I told him I was going to decorate it.

It has the most lights per square inch of any tree we’ve ever owned because I had to use up a whole strand on just that one tree. I have about a billion mini white snowflake ornaments and so I used some of them as the only ornaments. Then I topped it with one of my fancy snowflake ornaments. It’s the perfect addition to the fireplace.

Oh and look at this sweet little stocking I found for Bean yesterday which totally goes with our whole snowflake theme while also being a little fun and childish:

And just for fun, this is what happens when you have your camera set on the micro setting but you aren’t actually taking a picture of something small:


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Bah Humbug!

OK, that’s not totally how I feel, but just a little.

It just seems like nothing Christmas related is going the way I planned at this point.

First is our Christmas lights. We tried to put them up last weekend and they wouldn’t turn on. We couldn’t figure it out. Stephen fiddled and fiddled. We replaced bulbs and tried and tried to get them to work. We spent the whole day on it. Well turns out we had too many strands on the same circuit (you’re only supposed to have 3 strung together, not 11 plus three tree things).

So our Christmas lights are still not coming on at this point. This weekend we’re going to take down a majority of what we put up and go with the simple line with three tree things that we had last year:

Speaking of trees, we’re not getting one this year. Growing up I always had real trees and we’ve had one every year we’ve been married. But we decided last year was the last time we’d have a real tree.

Why? It’s always a pain getting our tree because we have to borrow someone’s truck to go get it and then borrow someone’s truck to take it away. It gets needles everywhere. You have to water it every day. AND last year after we got our tree home we realized that it reeked of feline pee. Our house stunk for a whole week. I went through two cans of Febreeze air stuff trying to make the smell go away. Our theory is that some large cat species (Mountain Lion, Cougar, Bob Cat, etc.) got it. Also we decided that they are just too expensive to buy year after year.

The plan was to get a very nice fake tree this year, something that would be a good investment to use for many years to come. Well, I’m of the mindset that if I am going to have a fake tree it better be something I want to look at year after year. The trees that fulfill that for me are WAY too expensive. So we’re not getting a tree this year. We’ll put the presents by the fireplace that never gets used.

I can see my dad cringing as he reads this.

Another bah humbug thing? My Christmas knitting projects. I have been working on sweater #1 FOR.EV.ER. There is no way it is going to be done in time for Christmas, let alone the other two that I had planned on making.

I think I’m losing my knitting mojo, y’all. Seriously.

I was working 9-6pm last year at this time (during which I did no knitting) and I still managed to complete quite the long list of knitted items. I’m home all the time now. I knit when she’s nursing, sleeping, playing etc. I feel like I am knitting all.the.time. Yet progress remains slow.

Plus Sweater #1 is too big. It isn’t actually bigger than the size it is intended to be, I just know that the recipient of this sweater and the others like to wear tight clothing and this isn’t going to jive with that style. The sweaters will be lovely when they are done, just not something they would wear.

So I’m keeping them for myself and the $72 I spent on yarn for them will now come out of my clothing budget. Which is OK, but I actually wanted to spend my clothing budget on pants not tops. Oh well.

Anyway, I’m now left trying to come up with new present ideas for these peeps. I’ve got two of them figured out, I think. I hope. I’m finally allowed to go Christmas shopping next week (budgetary constraints prevented earlier shopping).

And yes, shopping this late is definitely something I am NOT looking forward to. At all. Not one bit. I hate crowds. I hate lines. And this year I have a baby to add into the mix of shopping craziness. I’m getting stressed out just thinking about it.

So anyway that pretty much sums up why I say bah humbug! Thanksgiving is just so much more fun and easier. Way less pressure. Just cooking, eating and hanging out with the fam. That is MY kind of holiday.


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37 weeks and nursery stuff

This is my belly at 37 weeks:

So tired of being pregnant today. Belly was getting in the way when I was trying to do stuff. I could barely waddle around the stores we had to go to today.

Had some mild low cramping after our shopping expedition. Stephen freaked out about it and made me call our midwife. She basically said it could be nothing or it could turn into something and to go home, rest and drink plenty of water. The cramp went away about 2 minutes after I got off the phone with her. I laid down for an hour, drank a bottle of water and felt fine.

Kind of is surreal to me that this little girl could show up any time at this point.

Anyway, we made a little more progress on her room this weekend. We got the closet system installed, I bought a bunch of baskets from World Market and filled them with all her stuff. I can’t believe such a small person has so much stuff!

These baskets will go in the changing table that Stephen’s sister is giving us. They’re filled with all kinds of diapering goodies already:

This is the closet system with all the baskets and clothes in:

Next weekend we’re going to get the chair rail done and set up the crib. Well, you know, provided I don’t go into labor early or anything.

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