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Practice makes perfect


So yesterday Sparrow figured out how to make a “bbbbwah” sound and he’s been very proud of himself over this fact.

It was kind of a dramatic night around here. In the span of an hour Sprout went from a bit congested to listless, throwing up and then Stephen rushed him off to Urgent Care. In that same time period, my refrigerator door stopped shutting completely and Bean started coughing a lot too and she had some stomach problems of her own, but not as severe. Sparrow became irritated because he wanted to be held so he could show off his “bwah” right in my face.

Stephen got back from Urgent Care and Sprout just has a bad virus that just needs to be waited out. He temporarily fixed the fridge, but I need to call a repair man today. Sprout and Bean coughed all night long.

And then Mr. Bwah decides 4:30am is a good time to start practicing his “bwah” sound again. By 5:30am he is pretty angry about the fact that he does not have an audience for this wondrous new trick of his. I walk down the hall pick him up expecting that he’s hungry and, no, he is not interested in that. He just wants to say “bwah… bwah… bwah” right next to my face.

Being a parent is hard. I miss my sleep. And I would like a quarantine bubble from this germ factory I am in.

But being a parent teaches me a lot about who I am. How selfish I am and my (in)capacity to love. How I need to grow. Become more humble. More of a servant. Care for others. Stop thinking about myself and putting myself first all the time.


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Daily, 11/23

He has been doing this a lot lately.

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Sprout – month 10

The fact that we are in DOUBLE digits is kind of freaking me out. It is going by so fast! I guess this is what I wanted, but jeeze.

We had our 10 month appointment today at the pediatrician and just like Bean did, Sprout has dropped on the charts. He dropped a pound since his last appointment. He’s at the 6th and 7th percentile for weight and height. Our pediatrician said that they see this all the time with breastfed babies. I could tell he was thinning out. He felt lighter and his face looked thinner. Everyone has been commenting on it too.

Plus he’s been moving around so much more this month. He pulls himself up on everything and is doing the real crawl now.

He was also sick almost the whole month and didn’t have much of an appetite during that time. Luckily the appetite is back. He usually winds up eating even more than Bean most nights at dinner and usually lunch and breakfast too. He doesn’t look small next to babies his same age.

So I don’t really understand all those growth charts.

He can drink out of straw cups. He loves vegetables, beans, meat, grains (no wheat yet), and sometimes fruit. He’s not too big on sweet stuff. Lately he’s been really digging pears in the morning for breakfast though.

He’s waking up a ton at night. I figure it was the ear infections and now he’s teething again too. It will pass, I know, but the last month has been kind of tough to get through for me.

He’s pretty much given up the morning nap, but sometimes he still takes one if I’m lucky. I’ve just come to the realization with this kid that he is just not a good sleeper. He never really has been. He doesn’t take good naps and doesn’t sleep well at night. There’s really no point in being frustrated over it though. I just try to work with it and go with the flow. Or that’s my new attitude anyway. And drink lots of coffee. Ha!

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Daily, 11/12

His middle name may have been involved…

I am in so much trouble with this little boy!

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Sprout – month nine

We are super late on this one.

We were sick for three weeks. Sprout had two different rashes which made him unphotogenic.

So what’s new this month?

He eats real food now. Just full on small pieces of food. He is a great eater. He loves food.

He is pulling himself up on everything and loves to stand up.

He is finally crawling for real. If he wants to get somewhere fast he still prefers the army scoot, but he is getting better at the real hands and knees crawl.

He vocalizes a lot. Buh buh buh, ba ba ba, ma ma ma, na na na. He also does the high pitched screeches.

He fights back. Bean isn’t getting her way all the time now. She can’t just take toys from him. He takes them back. Or cries. Or both.

He is teething again. I think it is the eye teeth. Maybe the molars. Blerg.

Definitely has a different approach to things than Bean. He is all boy. I don’t really know how to explain it other than that. She is just so much more delicate with most things and he just goes for it, bangs on it, rams into it, etc.

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And just like that…

…we are a month away from TWO YEARS OLD!

These are a few of your favorite things:

Being outside. At the park. Our mini back yard. Helping me water the plants. Eating snacks on our little bistro set. Rearranging the dirt in the flower beds. At the beach in the sand.

Ballet shoes. Dance parties in the living room. Music. Singing. Action songs. The Wheels on the Bus. Raffi. “See Emma dance ocean.”

Water. At the beach. Making puddles from your sippy cup. Pouring water in various kitchen toys. Watering the plants. Water in the bath. Washing your hands. Water in the potty. Yes, I just said water in the potty. It’s an issue. We’re working on it.

Getting into things. Trying to be like me. Making messes.

Helping in the kitchen. And by helping I mean sneaking tastes every step of the way and licking the beaters. Making granola (I can’t even pull the oats out without you demanding that we make the stuff). Being lifted up to see what I’m doing. Watching the mixer spin.

All things William. Drumming. Musical instruments. Singing songs. The Beatles. Dancing. Listening to music.

Playing dress up. My wedding shoes. Head bands. Bows. Hair clips. Pig tails. Brushing your hair. Trying on all your clothes. Changing outfits multiple times a day. Changing shoes multiple times a day. Anything with flowers or pink or gold on it is, “so cute,” and must be worn. Jackets (even though we’ve finally got some summer weather in the 90s). Pink cowgirl boots.

Band-aids. Talking about your boo-boos. Pretending with your dollies. Making them do everything you or your Bubba do, including diaper changes, stroller rides, walker time, sitting in the high chair and being pushed in the stroller. Taking your knitted dolly with you everywhere.

Snuggle with Papa. Snuggle with Mama. You come in our room every morning with your blanket, pillow, paci and dolly asking for this. Or, “Mama/Papa hold you.” So cute.

Hugs. Kisses. Sprout.

I feel like it has gone by so fast. That you’ve completely changed and grown overnight into a girl. A real girl. With real thoughts. Real wants and desires. Someone that actually communicates these things to me with words and sentences. I feel like I’m grasping to hold onto it. To the baby fat melting away as you turn into a skinny little kid. To my baby.


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Sprout – month seven

Yesterday Sprout hit the 7 month mark. We went to Santa Barbara with my sister to hang out and relax. We also took pictures of our boys.

At seven months:
-You are a teething machine. All eight front teeth have come in and you are now working on your one year molars on the left side of your mouth. As such, it is nearly impossible to get a picture of you without your hands or some object in your mouth.

-You can sit up really well now.

-You are pretty close to crawling. It should happen any day now.

Sometimes you get really frustrated by not being about to crawl, other times you just roll around the room and are perfectly content. It will come soon.

-You are still a big chunk and still can’t handle solid foods. Pediatrician still says I shouldn’t be worried, so I’m not.

-You are super sweet and such a happy baby. We love you to pieces.


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