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You are never supposed to do this, but I am going to. I want to preface this post by saying that most of these photos are not great. I should retake them, adjust white balance and all that. But I’m over eight months pregnant. The thought of going to that effort tires me out.

Anyway, here are some of the projects I’ve managed to complete… Also, Ruth, if you are reading this, this is the post you want to read when “Lizzie” isn’t around. 🙂

First up, some for-hire knitting. I recently reconnected with one of my high school teachers on Facebook. She was pretty influential in my life during a time when my family life was somewhat of a wreck and so was some of my personal life (And yes, family, I am saying that, in public. If you are offended and want to pretend that life is always perfect, I really don’t want to hear about it via your complaining to someone else or you telling me directly that I need to change what I say on my blog. This is MY blog). She was my debate/speech (aka forensics, but most people get confused by that word thanks to CSI) coach so I spent a lot more time around her than I did most of my other teachers. Hence the level of influence she had.

Anyway, she’s been watching some of the stuff I knit up and asked if I knew how to create my own patterns. I told her I’d done a few. She told me about this hat she’d been wanting, but was ridiculously priced. I took a look at the pictures and came up with this:

Here is what the original looked like, if you want to know.

The next two projects are Christmas knitting.

Because Stephen’s family is getting so huge (28 and counting, and that doesn’t include all the extra in-laws, friends and other people that usually join us), each generation does a “Secret Santa” exchange. This will be the third year our generation has participated in our own exchange, though Stephen’s parents’ generation has had one going for some time now. This is my gift for my secret recipient this year:

It’s the My So Called Scarf pattern from ImagiKnit. There is a bit of a story to this scarf and pattern. Almost three years ago now, Cara knit up this scarf. Ruth and I were so amazed and thought it was just the cutest scarf ever. We decided that we too wanted to knit this scarf.

Soon after Cara knit the scarf, I was in town and we all made a pilgrimage to Ventura’s own Anacapa Fine Yarns where we each picked out a couple skeins of our favorite Manos colorway. And having already completed the scarf, Cara decided to go next door to the quilt shop and procure some fabric instead. Ruth and I cast on for the scarf and tried to work on it diligently during our very fun and relaxing vacation to Park City, UT. For some reason our brains just could not “get” the pattern though. We kept losing stitches and having to rip back. I ripped back at least 10 times before throwing in the towel and deciding to turn the yarn into a sweet little hoodie for my niece, “Half-pint”. Ruth’s scarf sat for some time and was recently ripped out at one of our girls’ knit nights.

Anyway, for some reason I decided to try this pattern again. I went to the same yarn shop a couple weeks ago and found that Manos now has a super soft silk/wool blend. It took several rip backs and I almost gave up three or four times, but my brain finally gets this pattern and I was finally able to complete it.

Next up is another version of the same doll that I’ve now knit for Bean twice. This one is for my niece, “Lizzie,” though. She’s a bit older than Bean and I decided her doll needed some extra fun stuff. So I made a couple of additional outfits to go with her.

The original dress pattern, in green:

A sewn dress made of leftover quilt squares from Bean’s yet-to-be-finished big-girl quilt:

And a fairy costume, because “Lizzie” is really into fairies right now:

I eventually hope to make some additional outfits and accessories for Bean’s doll too, but she’s still a little young to really be into that sort of thing. For now she just enjoys dragging her dolly around.

I have more projects in the works. As long as I have to stay down, and as long as this little guy doesn’t decide to make an early appearance, I just might finish them in time for Christmas.

I am trying to be realistic about handmaking all my Christmas presents this year in light of everything though. Instead of buying a whole bunch of yarn and other stuff up front I’ve been only buying for one or two projects at a time and not buying more until I finish what I’ve started. That way I won’t end up with a deluge of projects just sitting there after the baby is born.


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Knitted Friend 2.0

Saturday, Nov. 14 4:30pm as we are loading the van back up to head home from Bakersfield…
Me: Where is the doll? I can’t find it anywhere.
Stephen: I don’t know. Maybe it got put in this white bag.
Me: I looked there already three times.
Stephen: Maybe it is in the back with the stroller. Or she threw it on the floor.

A frantic search (Well, I was the only frantic one, to be honest) of the van from top to bottom ensues. I also called my sister to see if the doll had been dropped when we were with her.
Me: I can’t believe the doll got lost.
Stephen: I’m sorry. It’s just really hard. I had a lot to keep track of today with her, the diapers, the snacks, and the doll. She probably threw it down when we were around town or it fell out of the van when I opened the door and I just didn’t see it. The sippy cups and stuff are a lot easier to tell when she drops because you can hear it. It was just a lot to keep track of.
Me: I know. I do this every day.
Stephen: Well it’s just a doll. She’s going to lose stuff. This won’t be the last time.

I am quiet and sulking for the next hour.

5:30pm, near Santa Clarita
Stephen: I think you are more upset than she is. She probably hasn’t even noticed. You really need to put this in perspective. We have a healthy, happy daughter. That’s what really matters.
Me: I’m allowed to be upset about the doll. It was a special doll. I made the doll. She loved the doll. She’s been carrying it around with her everywhere for a month. She sleeps with it every night. That stuff made it all that more special to me. I’m allowed to be a little upset.
Stephen: OK, well just don’t let that overshadow what’s important.

6:30pm, Moorpark Marketplace Baja Fresh
Me: I want to go to that Michael’s.
Stephen: You don’t have to say it with the look.
Me: What look?
Stephen: The, don’t-give-me-a-hard-time-about-the-budget-we-are-going-into-that-Michael’s-to-buy-yarn-for-a-new-doll-you-uncaring-doll-destroyer, look.
Me: There wasn’t a look. I don’t know what you are talking about. I just want to see if they still have the yarn I used on the doll. And besides it’s right here.
Stephen: OK, well whatever. There was a look. And it is fine. We can go into the Michael’s.

Nov. 16 at 2:30pm Bean and her friend are reunited.

Michael’s still had most of the yarns I used. I cast on for the doll when we got home that night and finished the final touches during Bean’s nap today. This doll isn’t quiet the same, but Bean didn’t seem to notice. She was just happy to see her friend again.


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Bean meets Archie

I love how every time I say that my blogging is going to be sparse I find a million reasons to blog and then wind up blogging like regular.

Oh well.

So today no packing got done. Which is OK because a load of diapers and a load of dishes did get done.

My friend Tiffany came over today and we cut out the pieces for our Olive and Archie dolls. Except she’s only making Olive. So after she left and I finally finished cutting I just kept right on working on Archie. I just finished him and I love him! He’s so cute.

So then I had him meet Bean…

As you can see they are going to be great friends. Sorry for all the crappy photography and overexposed pictures. You know how it goes.

I’ll be finishing Olive up with Tiffany either later this week or next week. So there will be more to follow.


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Another doll…

The body of this doll is exaclty the same as for the fairy. It obviously doesn’t have wings though and has a removeable dress. The book calls it the “dress-up dolly”. They only have the one dress pattern though. I think I might try to come up with some other clothes for her. Instead of making the dress a solid color like they did (theirs was red and the doll also had striped purple tights like this one… yuck! on the color combo), I decided to make the dress to look like the one I made for my baby, except blue and not pink. I’m pretty pleased with the result and I hope she’s going to love it.

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