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Fall Fashion Week – Thursday

My picture comes to you today curtesy of the Ventura pier and my sister.

I am wearing my new Daisy Shoppe dress. Thanks again Auntie Linda, love it!

AE Straight Jeans again. Old moccasin loafers from Target. Socks from GAP.

Headband is Calorimetry that I knit forever ago when I used to work downtown and spend my lunch breaks at the knit shop.

Necklace was my first Mother’s Day present a couple years ago from some Etsy shop that I can’t recall just now.

Go check out the other fashions on Emery’s blog

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The October Daily, 10/17

New dress my auntie bought me from what is now my officially favorite store Daisy Shoppe.

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Oh yeah, I knit some stuff and I have a blog where I sometimes talk about crafts…

So there were a few Christmas knitting projects that I almost forgot to talk about on here. And since I still haven’t had a baby, I’ve managed to completely reorganize our upstairs and do every scrap of laundry around here, I figured I’d better get on it with this posting about my projects business. Excuse the terrible photos, I wasn’t quite as good about documenting these projects because I was just trying to get them done in time.

First up is the “Piper Purse” from Knitting Little Luxuries by Lucinda Guy.

I made this one for my sister, Andrea. She was super excited about it when she saw it. It’s nice and roomy and it is reversable. I used the yarn leftover from this project to make Bean’s cabled skirt.

Then, with the leftover fabric and some red sock yarn I had on hand I made another creation for Bean.

I worked the top part of the Shalom Cardigan that I had wanted to make for myself when we did or photoshoot, except on size 2 needles with sock yarn and I added more buttons. It came out the perfect size for Bean. Then I just measured out about 12 inches along a yard of the fabric, worked a gathering stitch along the top and attached it to the knitting. Hemmed the bottom and I had this cute little dress. This idea wasn’t exactly original. I have seen a few similar dresses on the web from the Jane Austen dress to la robe caresse (I originally wanted to make this exact dress, but I don’t speak French, unfortunately).

And then probably my most suicidal knit yet, the Men’s Zipped Vest from Knitting Classic Style by Veronik Avery. I think I started this thing about two weeks before Christmas. It is knit on size five needles and I had to add in a bunch of extra length because my father-in-law is a very tall man (he has to bend almost completely in half just to be able to give my 5’2″ self a hug).

Now I know where my husband gets his cheeseball in front of the camera tendencies. Stephen said I shouldn’t have expected anything less from a man that staged his own pirate themed profile picture on Facebook.

Anyway, that about sums up my knitting for the year, I think. I have no plans to start anything new within the next couple days. I’m currently burried in a mound of new books as well as several that I’ve been meaning to read for quite some time.


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Bean dress options for Paula’s wedding

So my little sis is getting married May 30th. Here are some of the dress options I am considering for Bean:

Floral-Print Empire Dress – Old Navy, $14.50

Hand-Smocked Ruffle Dress – Janie and Jack, $68

Smocked Daisy Floral Dress – Janie and Jack, $37

Hand-Embroidered Pintuck Jumper – Janie and Jack, $34

Silk Taffeta Dress – Janie and Jack, $148 (not really considering this one because of the price, yikes!)

Flower knit dress – GAP, $22.50

So, Auntie Paula, what do you think?


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