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Tink, Peter and a little lost boy


This year Bean was very opinionated about our choice of costumes. I kept coming up with ideas and she kept shooting them down.

Bean: What are you doing?
Me: Browsing Pinterest trying to figure out Halloween costumes. I was thinking Fox and the Hound. Sparrow can be the owl, Sprout can be the fox and you can be the hound.
Bean: I don’t want to be the hound!
Me: Do you want to be the fox?
Bean: No! I want to go with something else. Come up with a new idea, Mama.

Next year Sprout might have an opinion too so this might be our last year of a family theme for costumes. It’s kind of sad for me because Stephen and I have coordinated our costumes every year that we’ve dressed up. It was hard enough trying work with his very strong opinions and now I’m going to have two more to add to the mix!

Oh well, I’ll live it up while I can. I finally figured out something that Bean approved of, though about halfway into making the costumes she completely changed her mind and said she really wanted us to do a Tangled theme. I vetoed it.

Anyway, this is probably too much writing about costumes. Here are the pictures:

For Bean’s costume I used a dress she had that was similar to the shape of the Tinker Bell costume as my template. Then I cut leaf shapes from felt and layered them. My inspiration for this was from the Tinker Bell movie that we recently watched. I embroidered each leaf’s veins with gold embroidery thread and then sewed them together. I layed the whole thing back on top of felt and cut out one solid piece to be the backing/liner (the embroidery thread was “too pokey” against Bean’s skin). I used some translucent sparkly gold ribbon for the straps.


I used a pair of her TOMS to make the felt slippers, but this trial run for photos showed me those things are not going to hold up for Trick-or-Treating. My plan now is to temporarily attach the pom-poms to her actual TOMS.


I bought the wand at Gymboree and the wings I got at JoAnn’s, both were on clearance too. She’s also wearing a pair of green bloomers that we already had.

For Sparrow’s costume I used a Simplicity fleece PJ pattern.


I used one of his hoodie rompers as a template for making the hood. I used ears from the Simplicity pattern to attach to my hood. I also added a tail to the body of the costume.

For Sprout’s costume I used a tutorial I found on Pinterest available here to make the hat and shirt.



For the belt he is wearing one of Stephen’s wrapped around twice. I got the leggings at Gymboree in the girls section (shhhh don’t tell him he’s wearing girl pants!).

I happen to think my kids in my homemade costumes are the cutest things ever, but I am a little biased.


Happy Halloween or Harvest Fest or whatever it is you do or don’t celebrate. We’re really looking forward to it this year.


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