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Random, 12 weeks pregnant, etc.

Today I am 12 weeks pregnant. The end of the first trimester. What has that landmark looked like? Well I’ve pretty much felt awful. Woke up at 5:30am to barf.

Stephen stayed home and worked from home because Bean is teething (AGAIN!) and there was no way I could handle that feeling the way I do.

Around 11 I started to perk up a bit and felt guilty for having Stephen stay home.

Because of the teething Bean has been as usual a terrible napper. She’s napped a total of 2.5 hours today. 1 30 minute nap at 9 after crying for half an hour straight in my arms. Nothing would consol her. Then an hour nap at 1 and another hour nap at 3:30.

About 4:30 I started feeling yucky again and I’ll probably throw up again soon.

I really hope I’ve only got a couple more weeks of this, if that.

I guess I should be thankful that it isn’t as bad as it was with Bean. I haven’t had to get an IV yet. I’m not dehydrated. I can usually still manage to eat enough food.

We also started having problems with our dryer again. It was taking on average about 2-3 cycles to dry a single load of laundry. Last night we had a load that took 4. It’s pretty ridiculous. Today the fix-it guy came and said there was a bunch of lint in the wall. They just cleaned that out when they gave us the new dryer. I have noticed that this dryer does not trap as much lint as our old dryer at the house used to. I just hope I’m not going to have to have them come every few months to clean the lint out of the wall. That’s just silly. Anyway we’re not completely sure that this is the reason, but he said 90% of the time it is. We’ll see.


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